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Hydrite is a single source chemical supplier to the dairy industry. We are proud to offer the following solutions.

Food Ingredients: Hydrite Chemical Co. manufactures and distributes food ingredients to the dairy, cheese and ice cream industries. For your convenience, many ingredients are available in both granular and liquid forms.

Sanitation Chemicals: The sanitation of your plant has a direct impact on the shelf life and quality of the products you produce. The program you implement impacts your production efficiencies, effluent costs, and the life of your equipment.

Process Aids: Hydrite Chemical Co. provides processing aids to help you achieve longer production runs, better finished product quality, easier and faster cleanups and reduced energy costs.

Foam Control: Our foam control group offers a full line of defoamers with regulatory approvals. We craft products to eliminate foam which can increase your overall production quotas. We offer silicone and non-silicone based food grade defoamers, CIP and wastewater defoamers, along with the associated feed and control equipment

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals: Hydrite Chemical Co. offers a complete line of chemicals for wastewater treatment. We provide the feed equipment, technical service, and engineering to help you minimize your costs and comply with local regulations.

Engineering and Equipment: To ensure safe, accurate and economical chemical usage, our service specialists and engineering staff investigate and recommend the proper chemical feed and control equipment.

Commodity Chemicals: In addition to manufacturing plant sanitation chemicals, Hydrite Chemical Co. is one of North America’s largest chemical distributors.

Hydrite is also a leader in membrane technology, with products that improve throughput.

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  • Hydrite Dairy Solutions

    Hydrite Dairy Solutions

    Brochure detailing the products and services Hydrite provides to the dairy industry, including sanitation chemicals, processing aids and food ingredients.


  • Membrane Sanitation

    Membrane Sanitation

    Providing creative solutions for RO, UF, NF, & MF membrane cleaning


  • Processing Aids

    Processing Aids

    Find information on products for controlling unwanted calcium scale formation


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