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Industrial Solutions

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Chemical Distribution

As one of the largest providers of chemicals in the USA, Hydrite offers a range of distributed raw materials for use in a variety of industrial applications.

Contract Manufacturing

Hydrite offers custom blending, tolling, and contract manufacturing with dedicated R&D and technical service staff to assist in solving challenging issues.

Wet Wipes

Hydrite offers chemicals used in wet wipe manufacturing. Hydrite facilities are FDA registered, we offer EPA registered products, and our manufacturing follows cGMP practices.

Foam Control

Hydrite offers advanced foam control technology that can help lower overall operating costs while improving quality and processing.

Service Provider

Hydrite specializes in the investment of our customers and servicing them with manufacturing and operational solutions.

Specialty Chemicals

Our products provide solutions to specific applications found in manufacturing environments.

Waste and Recycle

Waste management programs and recycling services that help collect and dispose, and recycle and reuse industrial waste.

Water Treatment

Complete line of industrial products for water treatment in processes such as manufacturing, metal finishing, mining, boilers and cooling towers, food processing, and pulp & paper processing.

Sulfur Chemistries - Industrial Applications

We offer a variety of sulfur derivatives that are effective in many industrial applications.


Hydrite offers a range of manufactured and distributed raw materials for use in a wide range of industrial applications.



Technical Services and Support

Hydrite's dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging formulating problems. Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer service.

Industrial Technical Services and Support

Lab Services

Hydrite provides product testing services for our customers in the form of chemical analysis and product performance testing. Our chemists are experienced formulation experts and are here to help customers with product development and industrial support. Our goal is to lower your operating costs though specifying the best product for your application.

Industrial Lab Services

Hydrite’s Industrial Capabilities & Distribution System

We go beyond normal distribution, our “Just in Time” inventory management and delivery network reduces your operating cost. Hydrite Chemical Co. maintains uncompromising standards, screening our suppliers through a demanding qualification program. We verify the quality of all incoming materials to assure it meets our strict product specifications to give you the best quality. We offer custom compounding and reacting, special intermediate products and custom solvents blending.

Industrial Lab Services


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