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Next Generation Chemistry and Sustainable Chemical Engineering

We focus on developing new products that help our customers improve cleaning efficiency and enhance their total system performance.  Our chemists work to develop new and improved products to offer the latest technology in phenol free products and products that help reduce environmental impact.  See Product Selection Guide

Customized Programs for Facility Protocols

Every plant is unique and cleaning protocols must be customized for each location and application.  Our team of experts help you to select the right chemicals and services designed to implement and maintain effective membrane cleaning protocols in your facility and protect your investments. 

Technical Expertise

Hydrite's membrane sanitation specialists are recognized as the industry leaders and innovators offering support and service.  We work closely with the membrane manufactures and equipment suppliers to meet your needs for processing and cleaning. We have the requisite experience to improve product quality and reduce cleaning time.

Membrane Technology Training

We offer a comprehensive training program that covers membrane applications, systems, cleaning, and separation processes. By training your supervisors in such techniques, you ensure that your membranes are treated appropriately, extending their working life and performance.

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Hydrite has a state-of-the-art membrane cleaning lab that allows us to conduct trials and soil evaluations. We are equipped to perform cleaning studies which can recover water flux on certain membrane types.  We also offer cutting-edge equipment that simplifies membrane management. This programmable equipment controls, dispenses, and records chemical volumes used in cleaning to prevent errors. 

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Soil Load Mapping (SLM™)

Hydrite Membrane SLM is an informed method for analyzing your current membrane CIP program to provide insight into procedural changes for reduction in time, chemistry, energy, or water.  By investigating a membrane system's unique Soil Load Map, recommendations can be made for optimizing the current program or investigating the impact of program changes while minimizing risks to production schedules and elements.

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Membrane Technology Brochure

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Adding Value Through Innovation








The membrane sanitation program from Hydrite represents many years of research and development. We’ve listened to our customer's concerns regarding membrane sanitation, and understand the impact your membrane processes have on throughput and productivity. Our objective is to clean the membrane effectively and quickly, to keep your process running smoothly.

Our program includes not only a family of detergent and cleaning products which provide superior performance and cost effective cleaning, but also best-in-class technical support, in-plant service, training, and dispensing equipment.

The Hydrite membrane team is prepared to visit your plant to evaluate current operating conditions, cleaning practices, and plant specific objectives. We will then provide detailed recommendations to help meet your objectives and minimize your chemical expenditures, energy, water & effluent charges.

Hydrite offers a state of the art membrane chemical delivery system that provides filtration accuracy and proof of delivery.


Always a Second Set of Eyes with Hydri-Vision

When is Membrane Cleaning Complete?


Where is Membrane Technology Used?


Membrane technology plays a vital role in many environmental and industrial processes. In many cases, membranes are used to treat or filter water, but they can also be used in energy production, resource recovery, and pollution control. Whatever the application, membrane sanitation and cleaning is necessary, and the efficiency of these processes impacts a company's overall productivity. 

Hydrite offers a full range of services designed to implement and maintain effective chemical membrane cleaning protocols in your facility. Our sanitation offerings extend from effective detergents to in-plant support and training, ensuring that you not only receive the right chemical products but that your employees use them properly.

The Membrane Separation Process

Because membranes are useful for filtration and separation, they hold value for clients in diverse industries. Common industries include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Waste and recycling
  • Energy, oil, and gas
  • Paints, coatings, inks, and adhesives

While applications vary, the general principles underlying membrane separation remain the same—including the challenges presented by the systems. For instance, concentration polarization is a challenge faced by all separation processes which causes the composition to differ at the feed-membrane interface as compared to the rest of the mixture. While inevitable, this gradient negatively affects performance and failure rate, meaning it must be carefully managed for each individual implementation. 

Hydrite has years of experience designing solutions that mitigate such challenges while meeting your own industry's specific requirements and regulations.


Meet Our Membrane Technology Team



Scott Brown – Sr. Membrane Technical Specialist

Scott has 26 years of experience in the dairy and membrane industry and key management positions within the membrane industry. Scott is responsible for membrane technology training and providing technical support. Scott's expertise includes troubleshooting membrane systems, working with OEM’s, and training.


Carl Garcia – Membrane Technical Manager

Carl has over 30 years of dairy processing experience. Carl's expertise lies in the membrane technology field. Carl is responsible for membrane system management, training, and implementation. Carl has vast knowledge in membrane chemistry solutions and system operations.

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