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Hydrite's Support on Coronavirus Disease 2019

Hydrite Chemical Co. is here to support your organization and help address issues companies face in responding to COVID-19.  Our team of experts can help address challenges specific to the industry and regulatory environment.  Click here for more information.


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  • Ingredients and Processing Aids

    Hydrite is a single-source provider of dry ingredients and liquid chemical additives along with products to assist with increased production.


  • Food Safety

    At Hydrite, we carry effective antimicrobial products to safely assist in fighting foodborne bacteria and comprehensive sanitation methods.


  • Membranes

    Hydrite Chemical Company offers a state of the art membrane chemical delivery system that provides filtration accuracy and proof of delivery.


  • Operational Efficiencies

    We design practical, creative strategies using a consultative problem-solving approach to optimize chemistry and reduce overall costs.


  • Intervention

    We carry approved, effective antimicrobial products to safely assist in fighting foodborne bacteria when applied to poultry and meat during processing.


  • Educational Services

    Hydrite offers training and educational programs in areas of expertise to help improve your company’s operational efficiencies.


  • Food Processing Technologies

    Hydrite offers a line of equipment that ensure safety and control in the food processing industry.


  • Sulfur Chemistries - Food Processing

    We offer a variety of sulfur derivatives for food and beverage applications.


  • Wet Corn Milling

    Hydrite Chemical Co. manufactures and distributes a variety of specialty and commodity chemicals to the wet corn milling industry.


Providing complete service and solutions for food safety, sanitation, ingredients, and more...

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Technical Support & Service


To ensure safe, accurate and economical chemical usage, our service specialists and engineering staff investigate and recommend the proper chemical feed and control equipment. Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging problems. Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer service.


Plant Sanitation


We provide creative solutions to address food safety, operational and equipment efficiency and complete customer satisfaction. Our extensive line of sanitation products, coupled with our technical support, will increase your productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line.

We have a comprehensive approach to cleaning and offer a full range of products, such as CIP cleaners, acid rinses, sanitizers, and processing aids.  Learn more


Membrane Technology


Our membrane sanitation program represents 30+ years of research and development. We understand the impact your membrane processes have on throughput and productivity. Our objective is to clean the membrane effectively and quickly, to keep your process running smoothly.  Learn more






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