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Complete Solutions for Food Processing


Ingredients and Processing Aids

Hydrite is a single-source provider of dry ingredients and liquid chemical additives along with products to assist with increased production.


Plant-Based Ingredients

Hydrite's plant-based products include those used to improve nutritional value and taste in plant-based food products.


Food Safety

At Hydrite, we carry effective antimicrobial products to safely assist in fighting foodborne bacteria and comprehensive sanitation methods.



Hydrite Chemical Company offers a state of the art membrane chemical delivery system that provides filtration accuracy and proof of delivery.



We carry approved, effective antimicrobial products to safely assist in fighting foodborne bacteria when applied to poultry and meat during processing.


Educational Services

Hydrite offers training and educational programs in areas of expertise to help improve your company’s operational efficiencies.


Food Processing Technologies

Hydrite offers a line of equipment that ensure safety and control in the food processing industry.


Sulfur Chemistries - Food Processing

We offer a variety of sulfur derivatives for food and beverage applications.


Wet Corn Milling

Hydrite Chemical Co. manufactures and distributes a variety of specialty and commodity chemicals to the wet corn milling industry.


Providing complete service and solutions for food safety, sanitation, ingredients, and more...

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Safe Quality Food at Hydrite Chemical Co.


Hydrite Chemical Co. is pleased to announce that the Visalia, CA and Waterloo, IA facilities have been audited and recertified to the SQF (Safe Quality Food) Food Safety Code for Manufacturing standard both achieving “Excellent” ratings.

The SQF Food Safety Code is a globally recognized, independent food safety management system administered by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).  SQF is benchmarked to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  GFSI is an industry initiative established by the international trade association – the Consumer Goods Forum.  This means companies that are SQF certified have some of the best food safety programs in the world and their certificates are globally accepted.  Widely considered one of the most rigorous and comprehensive food safety and quality standards in the world, SQF Certification requires producers to develop and implement a stringent food safety system based on the principles of HACCP that applies to every step of their supply chain, ensuring that products are produced, handled, processed, stored, and distributed in accordance with standards among the strictest in the industry.

The facilities will continue to be audited annually to maintain the certification.  Hydrite is proud of this achievement, and grateful for the hard-working employees behind these successful audits and certifications.


Plant Sanitation


We provide creative solutions to address food safety, operational and equipment efficiency and complete customer satisfaction. Our extensive line of sanitation products, coupled with our technical support, will increase your productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line.

We have a comprehensive approach to cleaning and offer a full range of products, such as CIP cleaners, acid rinses, sanitizers, and processing aids.  Learn more


Technical Support & Service


Hydrite’s RITE Team is a group of experienced professionals tasked to enhance the technical support in the field to introduce innovative solutions that help address critical issues in the Food industry.

RITE is an acronym for Real-time, Innovative, Technical, and Expert.  The RITE Team is a group of Hydrite technical representatives who have over 300 years of knowledge and field experience.

The RITE Team consists of a network of individuals strong in microbiology, membranes, CIP performance, product selection and troubleshooting.  This collaborative team supports our customers and our field to provide technical training, program development, and adjacent technology.


Need real-time assistance? 

Hydrite's new AR (assisted-reality) program, RITE-Sight™, allows us to support customers and field service personnel remotely.  Hydrite can reach customers quickly and assist with equipment setup and maintenance, and provide emergency support.

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