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Hydrite’s Vision 2025 strategic plan focuses on operational, financial, human resource, commercial, and cultural strategies designed to chart our path forward for the next three years. These five strategies, which are anchored to our five building blocks, lead us to “One Hydrite”, which symbolizes that the sum is greater than the parts. Working towards common goals to improve communication, fueling innovation, enhancing employee engagement, and boosting productivity are all promoted by the achievement of “One Hydrite”.

To continue to concentrate on pushing “The Right Results, The Right Way”, Hydrite is proud to formally announce two targets as part of our Vision 2025 to continue to drive forward environmental stewardship across Hydrite. These goals enable us to continue to responsibly grow and sustain our operations.


Climate Action

Hydrite values energy efficiency, accessibility, and renewability. Hydrite aims to impact climate change positively by understanding all internal energy use and identify areas to make the greatest impact and create future goals. Conducting renewable energy assessments will further drive positive impact on climate change and work towards a future goal of Hydrite’s to install renewable energy systems at a site. 


Climate Action

10% reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions per pound of product sold from a 2022 baseline by 2025.

Continue to drive energy efficiency.

  • Investigate renewable energy opportunities.
  • Implement continuous improvement projects.
  • Understand underlying risks and opportunities for future projects.


Water Management

Hydrite works to ensure access to clean water in the communities where we live and work. To improve water and sanitation management, Hydrite is committed to completing analysis of water management at all of its facilities. Even though projects are already being identified for improvement and actively pursued, this evaluation will help Hydrite set goals for future years and identify processes to focus on. In addition to the focus of internal water functions, Hydrite engages with their customers on their water usage and assists in reducing it at their facilities along with energy and chemical. 


Water Management

5% reduction in water withdrawn per pound of product sold from a 2022 baseline by 2025.

Advance water optimization in our operations.

  • Drive process efficiency projects.
  • Engage in proactive planning to manage future water-related risks.
  • Reduce impact and operating costs.



Hydrite culture encourages and facilitates community outreach both as a company and an individual. Even with the events of a pandemic hindering in-person experiences, Hydrite was still able to impact communities through grant giving and volunteerism. Hydrite is excited to continue their Hydrite Helps volunteer program through continuing efforts children’s needs and development, education, environment, and local needs.



50% participation in volunteer activities company-wide by 2025.

The goal of the Hydrite Helps program is to invest in local programs that impact Hydrite communities through a combination of grant giving and volunteerism. Each of our manufacturing locations and our corporate office have established Hydrite Helps teams that partner with over 50 local non-profit organizations annually to coordinate volunteer activities and events and charitable campaigns.

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