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At Hydrite Chemical Company, we closely monitor several types of energy used throughout our manufacturing and distribution operations - natural gas and electrical are consumed at all manufacturing facilities, diesel fuel is used by our fleet of trucks, and gasoline supports our sales functions. This data facilitates the identification of energy efficiency projects, aids in the decision-making of vehicle selection, and promotes the awareness of how energy consumption impacts greenhouse gas emission. We recognize the responsibility we have as a member of the global community to be energy responsible.



Hydrite is proud to be located within electricity grids that prioritize cleaner energy. Our facilities in Waterloo, IA, La Crosse, WI, and Visalia, CA are located within electricity grids that prioritize renewable energy. Waterloo and La Crosse are serviced by a grid that derives 25.1% of its electricity from wind and Visalia is serviced by a grid that derives 15.3% of its electricity from solar.



Safe and efficient distribution of chemicals has been a main focus at Hydrite over the past 90 years. From our raw material procurement to customer shipments, we strive for the most cost-effective means of moving material with collaboration from our customer and suppliers.

On the procurement side, we utilize barge, rail and bulk transportation whenever possible. This reduces unnecessary packaging materials and provides the most energy efficient deliveries to our manufacturing plants.

Our private fleet has the most recent fuel-efficient power units with many aerodynamic features built into the tractors and trailers. The fuel efficiency of all units is monitored, and procedures are established to maintain that efficiency. A computer-based routing system helps determine the most efficient load and routes when delivering directly to our customers.



Customer Impact

Directly related to the industry, Hydrite offers a portfolio of products to promote large scale production of biofuels for a greener and more locally sourced solution. In addition, many of our products help customers in the energy sector reach efficiency using our chemicals in processes such as gas scrubbing, gas-oil separation, drilling mud, and BTX extraction. Lastly, Hydrite has many manufacturing capabilities that we can utilize for our customers to produce and deliver their chemistry more efficiently.



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