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chemical manufacturing, toll and custom blendingHydrite has a long history of manufacturing chemicals. Our continuous investment in training, quality control, research, custom blending and manufacturing equipment reflects the growth of our chemical expertise and services, and commitment to our customers.

We have the technical expertise to help you formulate alternative blends to optimize your processes and fulfill your specific requirements. We have the ability to produce large or small batch custom blends for diverse applications and environmental regulations. 

We blend chemicals for a variety of industries including agriculture, energy, food & beverage, personal care, metal finishing, electronics, mining, graphic arts, automotive, paints & coatings, waste water treatment, and others. Hydrite offers solutions for industrial, tech-grade manufacturing as well as blends for food processing, food-grade and pharmaceutical/personal care applications.

Whether its organic toll reactions, or separation and distillation of difficult-to-process organic products, Hydrite’s capabilities and expertise will give you a superior result. We have the ability to process a wide variety of special needs materials. Our commitment includes using the latest technology to provide a valuable service to you and the environment, and our scheduling and processing flexibility will meet your strict processes and procedures.

Hydrite offers a range of raw materials manufactured in FDA and EPA registered facilities including a complete line of silicones emulsions. Additionally, Hydrite offers state of the art blending capabilities including flammable blending with a USP water system. 


Organic Processing

At Hydrite’s Cottage Grove, Wisconsin facility, we operate a combination of stainless steel and glass reactors, as well as distillation columns. We can operate our packed columns at high vacuum levels, lowering process temperatures so there is less chance of degradation. Our storage tanks are engineered to ensure complete drainage and product batches are moved directly from equipment to clean storage tanks, eliminating risk of contamination. Our facility capabilities include:

  • Reactive organic chemistry
    • ​​​Solvent and water-based polymerization
    • Acrylate chemistry
      • Polyester chemistry
      • Transesterifications
      • Esterification
      • Monomeric chemistry
      • Alkylations
      • Amidations
      • Acetylation
  • Epichlorohydrin reactions (Expoxidations)
  • Solvent recycling

  • ISO 9001:2015 Standard

  • QA/QC lab 24/7

  • Thermal oxidizer for controlling facility emissions

  • EH&S staff

  • State-of-the-art lab instrumentation


Chemical Synthesis

Complex chemical syntheses with a focus on reaction chemistry.

Stainless Steel Reactors

Twenty-five Stainless Steel Reactors

2,700-15,000 Gallons

Pressure to 150 psig

In-Line Distillation Columns

Solids addition

Distillation capabilities

Centrifuge and filtration capabilities

Glass Line Reactors

Five Glass Line Reactors

4,000 Gallons

Pressure to 100 psig

In-Line Distillation Columns

Overhead condenser


Distillation Capabilities 

High temp batch fractionation

Thin film evaporators


Hot oil heating

External vaporization

Deep vacuum

Heat sensitive intermediates

High melt point handling

Monomer and reactive distillations

Distillation Equipment


Three thin film evaporators

Hot oil or steam utility heating to 575° F


Batch distillation systems

Pot sizes of 4,500, 6,500 and 9,500 gallons


Lectrodryer AXR 6500

Engineered to remove water and impurities from solvents


Custom Chemical Blending


Wet Wipe Products
Hydrite manufactures custom liquid chemical blends in a variety of batch sizes from drums to railcars. Our unique USP water system provides best-in-quality chemical blends for food grade/food processing, pharmaceutical, and personal care applications like wet wipes.

Fifty stainless steel blend tanks housed in our facilities are capable of blending 2,500-10,000 gallons of product with high solids/viscosity blending capabilities and dedicated food tanks, cosmetic, API manufacturing, EPA registered manufacturing, and flammable tanks for custom blending.

Hydrite offers many custom blending product solutions including:


Acid/Alkaline blending, dilution and packaging

Solid to liquid conversions

Water and oil based emulsions

Flammable blending

Acid base neutralizations

Biocide and preservative handling

Specialty toll packaging

Surface cleaners

Higher level corrosive handling


Pure and denatured alcohol blending

Personal care solutions


Flexible Chemical Manufacturing Solutions


With over 110 million pounds of product manufactured annually by our dedicated support staff, Hydrite is committed to our external chemical manufacturing customers and their unique business needs. Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in custom formulations, toll manufacturing, and toll blending.


Services and Capabilities


Services include toll manufacturing, toll blending, chemical blending, chemical compounding, chemical formulating, contract chemical packaging, formulations, materials sourcing, product confidentiality, product development, quality assurance, reformulation, and technical support.


Hydrite is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of standard & custom specialty chemicals. Hydrite manufactures EPA and FDA regulated products. We also manufacture food grade products and active pharmaceutical ingredients.




  • Add capacity to meet demand spikes
  • Defer capital expenditures with bridge strategy
  • Process improvement
  • Asset light manufacturing option
  • Safe product handling with a reputable, customer focused partner



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