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Contract Manufacturing

Hydrite offers custom blending, tolling, and contract manufacturing with dedicated R&D and technical service staff to assist in solving challenging issues.

Frac Chemicals

Hydrite has specialty additives to improve working fluids during hydraulic fracturing. Products can be delivered on-site as pre-blended or delivered in concentrated additives.

Oil & Gas Products

Hydrite offers a large portfolio of products for oil & gas applications used in each of the drilling, stimulation, production, and midstream services verticals.

Sulfur Chemistries - Energy Industry

Sulfur derivatives that are effective in the removal of entrained oxygen from drilling and completion fluids used as a corrosion control in drilling fluids.

Water Treatment

Complete line of industrial products for water treatment in processes such as manufacturing, metal finishing, mining, boilers and cooling towers, food processing, and pulp & paper processing.


oilfield pipelines

Providing creative solutions for the Oil & Gas industry focusing on chemistry for drilling, stimulation, production, and midstream services.


Chemical Solutions

Chemical solutions utilized in the oil and gas industry serve a vital role in addressing a spectrum of operational challenges. They safeguard equipment from corrosion, combat buildup issues, prevent flow obstructions, control microbial growth, and facilitate efficient separation processes. These solutions regulate foam formation, enhance fluid flow, stabilize mixtures, inhibit deposits, and neutralize harmful compounds. By targeting specific needs within the production process, these chemicals ensure operational integrity, efficiency, and the quality of the final products.

Acid inhibitors

Anti-iron sludge

Asphaltene dispersants


Corrosion inhibitors



Friction reducer

Nonionic emulsifier

Nonionic winterized emulsifier

Paraffin dispersant/inhibitor

Scale inhibitors

Scavengers & Inhibitors



Water clarifier

Technical Support

Our team of specialists have expertise in creating solutions. Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging formulating problems. Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer service.


Lab & Analysis

Hydrite provides product testing services for our customers in the form of chemical analysis and product performance testing. Our chemists are experienced formulation experts and are here to help customers with product development and industrial support.

Energy lab and analysis

oilfield operation


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