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Foam Control Solutions

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Defoamers and Antifoams

Hydrite specializes in foam control technology for both industrial and food processing

Specialty Chemicals

We offer a variety of bacterial & odor control products as well as antiscalants and dispersant products. Contact us to learn more about our full product line.

Water Treatment Polymers

We offer an extensive product line for a variety of applications including sugar processing, and water clarification.

Equipment Technology Solutions

Accurate and consistent delivery of chemistry is critical to production and operational efficiency. Hydrite offers equipment to control, dispense, and record volume.


Utilize Hydrite’s expertise to solve your issues associated with foam & entrained air.

Download the Foam Control Products Solutions Brochure:

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Antifoams, Defoamers & Specialty Chemicals

Hydrite is a leading provider and manufacturer of antifoams, defoamers and other specialty chemicals for a variety of markets. We partner with our customers to provide solutions to their processing needs. Our goal is to lower your operating costs through specifying the best product and dosing it in the most effective way.

Foam Control - Antifoams, Defoamers & Specialty Chemicals

Technical Assistance and Support

We provide fully integrated lab services designed to help solve the toughest of foaming issues and provide a professional report detailing the results and solution recommendations.  Discover how you can work with Hydrite to manage foam:

  • Improve knockdown and persistency
  • Optimize production process
  • Lower use levels 
  • Reduce production costs and save money  
  • Improve logistics

Foam Control - Technical Assistance and Support

Hydrite’s Philosophy and Capabilities

Hydrite believes in custom tailoring products for our customer’s specific systems. Through our knowledge of foam control chemistries and intensive on-site testing, we find the best defoamer formulation for your system. Through defoamer testing, we custom formulate and then bench test our products so our customers get the optimal performance.

Foam Control - Hydrite’s Philosophy and Capabilities


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