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At Hydrite Chemical, we believe in protecting today's environment as well as tomorrow's environment. Hydrite’s policy on internal waste minimization ensures responsible manufacturing with the least impact on the environment. Our team of regulatory professionals, operations management and improvement engineers relentlessly focus on process efficiency and waste minimization. Daily decisions are guided by principles of waste minimization, recycling and reuse of resources, and regulatory compliance.


Customer impact

We pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their operational and sustainability goals. Our technical personnel, including the RITE Team, not only provide training and technical support, but also partner with customers to find effective and creative products and solutions to improve performance, such as water or energy consumption, and reduce costs. We help our customers accomplish their goals through entrepreneurial application of our broad chemical and applications expertise as well providing our technical expertise and training.




Solvent recycling offers a sustainable option to manage solvent waste for beneficial reuse. For over 40 years, our Cottage Grove facility has been actively recycling solvents for our customers. We also provide environmentally responsible waste disposal services. Please see our Waste and Recycling Solutions for more information.



Our PAA products quickly degrade into non-harmful byproducts: acetic acid (a component found in table vinegar) and water. The residual acetic acid eats away at any inorganic scale and then breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.



To reduce heating requirements, we offer a variety of products that can be used at low operating temperatures while maintaining performance.



Water quality is crucial. We offer non-phosphate surfactants and additives, low sodium cleaning products, and foam suppressors.



Hydrite has a legacy of superior technical support for customers as well as internal employees. This support was recently formalized into the RITE Team: Real-time, Innovative, Technical, Expertise.


The Commercial Technology and the RITE Team use an innovative assisted reality to support remote field work. To ensure we maintained a high-level of service during the height of the pandemic, we began utilizing assisted reality goggles, branded as RITE-Sight, to remotely access customer sites as if we were there in person.



We offer a variety of bisulfite solutions and sulfur derivatives that are effective in the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acetaldehyde from carbon dioxide gas streams from fermentation processes, specifically in the biofuels industry.



With plant sanitation in mind, we offer single phase sanitation products that provide optimal results with a reduction of water consumption.



Our odor control products are effective in controlling and eliminating odors in municipal and industrial applications.



SLM™ is a method for analyzing a wide variety of cleaning steps, including Clean-in-Place (CIP) and membranes, and to provide data regarding process time, chemistry, energy, and water use. In-depth analysis of CIP samples determines how specific systems remove soil in each wash. The testing targets soil markers at specific time points to generate a “map” of how soil accumulates. This map can reduce water and energy through the combination or elimination of inefficient wash steps, through reducing amount of material used, and through optimizing with a reduced temperature.


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