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About Hydrite

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About Us

About Us

With a focus on the future, Hydrite is taking steps to be a leading manufacturer, employer, and community advocate as the company celebrates its 95-year milestone.

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Who We Are

Hydrite, a family-owned company established in 1929, is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the United States. We offer expertise in chemical manufacturing and distribution, food and dairy sanitation, food ingredients, organic processing, liquid sulfites, water treatment, and foam control chemistries. In addition to industrial chemical manufacturing, our specialty products are used in many of the products you use and consume daily. We make and supply the ingredients that make your food and beverages more flavorful, chemistry to improve water quality, and the cleaners and sanitizers used in the food industry to enhance the quality of our food supply.

Our Building Blocks

Our building blocks are our core values and expectations which focus on Integrity, Innovation, Safety & Quality, People, and Responsible Growth. These key attributes are what we hold fundamental to our culture and are critical for our success.

SAFETY & Quality

Hydrite Building Block Safety & Quality



Hydrite Building Block People



Hydrite Building Block Integrity



Hydrite Building Block Innovation


Responsible Growth

Hydrite Building Block Responsible Growth



Our Commitment 

As a company with a strong commitment to its customers and employees, Hydrite continues to invest in people, technology, community, and sustainability to offer products and systems that help deliver and provide creative solutions. 



Hydrite Mission Statement

Providing sustainable ideas and solutions that ensure customer, employee and partner success.


Hydrite Vision

To provide creative solutions through chemistry and manufacturing to enhance our customers’ profitability.


Hydrite Values

Our core values and expectations focus on integrity, innovation, quality, people, and responsible growth.



Our strength lies with the technical capacity of our people and the experience they bring to our organization and ultimately, yours. With each employee fully supporting our mission, we are able to give you the technical expertise, innovative science, and personal attention you deserve. Our highly trained staff thinks creatively, investigates options, and develops the best solution for your unique operation. Our focus is on customers, and that's the difference you'll feel. We operate facilities close to you to give you the convenience and responsiveness you demand. Hydrite owns and operates a private fleet including tractors, van trailers, tankers, and railcars. As a company with a strong commitment to its customers and employees, Hydrite continues to invest in people, technology, community, and sustainability to offer products and systems that help deliver and provide creative solutions. 



Sustainability IconSustainability

Focusing on community, energy, safety, waste minimization, and water, Hydrite is committed to providing a positive impact on the world's economy and society while protecting the environmental resources that we rely on. Our goal is to not only provide benefits to the environmental aspects of our businesss, but to put equal effort into building a company atmosphere that people are proud to be a part of.

All Hydrite Locations

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Hydrite Corporate Office
17385 Golf Parkway
Brookfield, WI 53045
Phone: 262-792-1450
Fax: 262-792-8721

Cottage Grove Plants*
114 North Main Street
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Phone: 608-839-4571
Fax: 608-839-4293

La Crosse Plant*
701 Sumner Street
LaCrosse, WI 54603
Phone: 608-784-0024
Fax: 608-785-2990

Milwaukee Plant*
7300 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223
Phone: 414-354-3750
Fax: 414-586-2025

Milwaukee - Technical Center
7303 West Bradley Road
Milwaukee, WI 53223
Phone: 414-973-4250
Fax: 414-973-4230

Milwaukee West
8622 N. 87th Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53224
Phone: 855-365-7500
Fax: 414-365-7450

Oshkosh Plant*
191 West 28th Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Phone: 920-233-8181
Fax: 920-237-8035

* Available by Rail


University Park PLant

University Park Plant
2545 Bond Street
University Park, IL 60484
Phone: 708-534-9494
Fax: 708-534-9518



Waterloo Plant*
2815 WCF & N Drive
Waterloo, IA 50703
Phone: 319-232-9731
Fax: 319-232-1112

* Available by Rail


Terre Haute Plant*
2400 S. Erie Canal Road
Terre Haute, IN 47802-3106
Phone: 812-232-5411
Fax: 812-232-1148

* Available by Rail


Visalia Plant*
1603 Clancy Ct.
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: 559-651-3450
Fax: 559-651-3454

* Available by Rail


Lubbock Plant*
2701 East 66th Street
Lubbock, TX 79404
Phone: 806-368-5660
Fax: 806-368-8905

Dumas TX Plant

Dumas Plant
915 N. Dumas Ave
Dumas, TX 79404
Phone: 262-792-1450

* Available by Rail


Greely, CO Plant

Greely Plant*
119 N. 6th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: 262-792-1450

* Available by Rail