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We have increased our ability to monitor how much and what types of energy our operations require to build an awareness of the environmental impact. Renewable sources, such as solar and wind, are assessed at every Hydrite facility to determine the feasibility of implementing cleaner energy solutions.



Water management is an environmental concern. Hydrite is thoroughly committed to regulatory compliance and aware of the extent and impact of the water usage our chemical production requires. We believe that conscientious waste minimization is a concern of every Hydrite employee.


Climate Change

As a chemical manufacturing and distribution company, stewardship of this planet and the resources it offers are a crucial part of being a global citizen. We monitor and report our emissions in order to better understand and identify how we can positively impact climate change.


Waste Handling: Generation, Treatment, Storage and Disposal

Our team of professionals possess the extensive knowledge and experience required to manage, store, treat, recycle, and transport hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Services are tailored to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our products are also designed with minimal environmental impact in mind.



Hydrite has a long history of supporting the communities in which it operates through charitable contributions. Our corporate culture encourages and facilitates community outreach both as a company and as individuals. We recognize that community outreach is a Hydrite responsibility as well as a privilege. We are proud of our employees for helping us reach out to others but realize as an organization that we have the opportunity and ability to accomplish even more.


Providing creative solutions

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Hydrite 2020 Sustainability Report


We are excited to present Hydrite’s first annual sustainability report for 2020. This report provides insight into who Hydrite is a company and identifies the progress and accomplishments our company has already achieved. We are eager to keep identifying initiatives and opportunities that promote our mission and values to support a sustainable future.

Download Hydrite's 2020 Sustainability Report






As a customer-driven company, Hydrite Chemical Co. aims to make a positive impact on the world’s economy and society while protecting the environmental resources it depends on. We can use the dialogue fostered by customers and employees to engage not only in environmental change, but social responsibility as well. We aim to be a company that people are proud to be a part of. 


Commitment to Transparency

Each year Hydrite Chemical Co. participates in surveys to maintain transparency with our customers. Hydrite participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which is a global environmental disclosure system that focuses on tracking environmental impacts related to climate change, water security and forests. Hydrite also participates in the EcoVadis survey which focuses on social responsibility based on documented evidence. These surveys are the first step to transparency and allow us to continuously reflect and improve our operations.


Mission and Values

MISSION: Hydrite Chemical Co.'s mission is to empower employees to be accountable and responsible for their efforts and attitudes to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

CORE VALUES: Our core values and expectations focus around integrity, innovation, quality, people, and responsible growth. These key attributes are what we hold fundamental to our culture and are critical for our success.

We are committed to sustainable operations consistent with both the corporate mission and values statements. Learn more About Us

Making A Difference

Read about our current sustainability projects.


Renewable Energy Assessments: Wind

An assessment to understand feasibility of wind turbines in Lubbock, TX

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Improvement of Emissions Control

Minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere by replacing carbon drums with more reliant forms of emissions control such as a combustion device

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Hydrite Helps: Clean Lakes Alliance

Volunteers from Cottage Grove give back to the community

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In-line Railcar Blending

A process that eliminates the need for transporting, unloading and batching raw materials

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Salt Reduction

The use of brine reclamation technology to reduce salt use and discharge

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Renewable Energy Assessments: Solar

An assessment to understand feasibility of solar panels in Visalia

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