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We are eager to keep identifying initiatives and to publish sustainability goals that promote our mission and values to support responsible growth.

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We monitor energy consumption throughout our manufacturing and distribution operations. This data is used to identify key initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and to improve operational and fleet vehicle efficiencies.

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We recognize the importance of water protection and conservation. Hydrite seeks opportunities to minimize the amount of water we consume and provides support to our customers on helping them achieve their water-related goals.

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Safety is a key part of our culture and permeates throughout our operations. It is our collective responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for everyone at Hydrite. We also work to find creative solutions to support our customers’ safety missions through our line of sanitation products, customized solutions, technical support, and the RITE™ Team.

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Waste Minimization

Our team of regulatory professionals, operations management, and engineers focus on process efficiency and waste minimization efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We continually look for opportunities to reduce the amount of waste we generate and our customers generate with services tailored to our customer’s specific needs and requirements. Hydrite strives to be a no-landfill company that offers a wide range of treatment and disposal options including recycling, energy recovery, fuel blending, incineration, wastewater treatment, and lab packing.

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Hydrite has a long history of supporting the communities in which it operates through charitable contributions. Our corporate culture encourages and facilitates community outreach both as a company and as individuals. We recognize that community outreach is a Hydrite responsibility as well as a privilege. We are proud of our employees for helping us reach out to others but realize as an organization that we have the opportunity and ability to accomplish even more.

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Driving Sustainability at Hydrite

Driving Sustainability

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Hydrite Sustainability Report

We are pleased to announce that a sustainability performance update highlighting our progress in 2023 has been published. This performance update builds on the 2022 report, providing insights on key metrics and successes from the past year. See the full 2022 report for further insights into who Hydrite is as a company and the progress and accomplishments our company has already achieved. We are eager to keep identifying initiatives and to publish sustainability goals that promote our mission and values to support responsible growth.

Sustainability Report


2023 Sustainability Performance Update

Why Sustainability?

2022 REPORT  

2022 Sustainability Report


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As a customer-driven company, Hydrite aims to make a positive impact on the world’s economy and society while protecting the environmental resources it depends on. We can use the dialogue fostered by customers and employees to engage not only in environmental change, but social responsibility as well. We aim to be a company that people are proud to be a part of.

Commitment to Transparency

Commitment to Transparency

We regularly engage with our key stakeholders to understand their perspectives on the importance and management of a variety of environmental, social, and governance issues. We also communicate sustainability performance to our customers through our sustainability report and other reporting platforms. Routine reporting allows us to monitor performance, connect with our partners, benchmark our efforts, and discover additional opportunities for improvement.


Commitment to Inclusion

Commitment to Inclusion

Hydrite is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to better support our employees, customers, partners, and local communities. We accomplish this through strategic programs including (but not limited to): succession planning, women leader mentorship, external benchmarking, unconscious bias training, diversity-focused hiring, and extensive community engagement. Read more about how we’re moving our commitment forward.



Mission and Values

MISSION: Providing sustainable ideas and solutions that ensure customer, employee, and partner success.

CORE VALUES: Our core values and expectations focus around integrity, innovation, quality, people, and responsible growth. These key attributes are what we hold fundamental to our culture and are critical for our success.

We are committed to sustainable operations consistent with both the corporate mission and values statements.


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Making a Difference: Success Stories

First on-site solar array at the company's Visalia, California facility

Hydrite has completed the installation of its first on-site solar array at the company's Visalia, California facility.

The 126 kW solar photovoltaic system will provide roughly 16% of the location's annual electricity consumption, offsetting nearly 50 tons of CO2e emissions annually.

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New Construction certification with a One Green Globes® rating

Hydrite®, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services.

We have earned a Green Globes® for New Construction certification with a One Green Globes® rating for its new corporate headquarters by the Green Building Initiative.

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