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Chemical Technology and Equipment

Hydrite utilizes a systems-and-solutions approach to all of our equipment technologies. A key offering to our customers to create efficiency for their operations is the delivery of chemicals to the application points. The correct application of our chemicals is critical to the optimal performance and we want to make that delivery accurate and efficient. We will come on-site for a survey of where the chemicals should be stored, where the dosing system should be installed, how the dosing will be measured and monitored and lastly, how it will be applied at the point of application. The delivery systems are custom designed to each customer to ensure that the best available technology is utilized. 

Our Promise:

Hydrite manufactures all of our equipment with cost savings, regulatory compliance, and efficiency in mind. We want to create solutions for our customers, and it is vitally important that any industry dealing with the delivery of chemicals can ensure they reach their intended application points in a safe, sanitary, and systematic way.

Our Process:

When a customer is interested in our equipment systems, we will schedule an on-site audit of their facilities to locate where chemicals should be stored, where dosing systems should be installed, recommendations for dosing, measurement, and monitoring, and accuracy at the point of application.

Contact Us:

Hydrite custom designs all of our equipment for the unique needs of each of our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to schedule a survey of your facility.


Applicable Industries

We offer patent pending technologies and provide creative specialty chemicals equipment for the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Biofuels
  • Energy
  • Foam Control
  • Food, Dairy, and Water Treatment
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pet Food
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water Treatment

Equipment Applications

Our equipment applications include:

  • Allocating, analyzing and documenting concentrations of cleaning, sanitation and intervention chemistries
  • Chemical concentration controlling and recording
  • CIP and COP
  • Day tank dispensing
  • Dry and liquid chemical blending
  • Equilibrium maintenance and monitoring in PAA equipment
  • Formula Recipe and Make Down
  • Polymer blending
  • Reuse, Reclaim, or Batch
  • Secondary container dispensing
  • Telemetry, monitoring, and logistics
  • Wastewater treatment and control


Benefits to HYDRITE's Technology

  • Affordable, Dependable, Flexible, and Robust
  • Regulatory - "Smarter" Food Safety
  • Ease to train and operate
  • Integration capabilities
  • Skilled labor availability
  • Resource allocation
  • Sanitation program spend
  • Finished product and Environmental Quality
  • Employee safety


Maintaining a Bridge

We provide comprehensive support of our equipment technology through commercial connectivity to our customers as well as our own business development & field service personnel. 


Balance and prioritize projects, products, and services. Measure and monitor progress towards customer goals.


Responsive approach to equipment technology and their applications within many industries.


Inventive spirit for providing creative solutions to our customers.


Dependable and on-time availability, mindful of processing and personnel schedules.


Genuine professional behavior and prideful work completed while onsite.


Expertise runs deep and wide, with a combined 225+ years of experience.


How our BRIDGE is maintained

  • Commitment to our company vision & mission statements

  • Alignment to FDA’s smarter food safety initiative

  • Broad base of expertise & years of field experience with our team members


Let us be your BRIDGE for connecting with Commercial Technology!


Introducing Hydrite's technology Team

Jamison Vanden Einde

Director of Commercial Technology

Andy Kenowski

Process Research Manager

Gary Judnic

Field Solutions Engineer

Doug Bassett

Field Technology Manager

Ron Burnett

Field Technologist

Brant McClure

Field Process Engineer

Derek Jensen

Field Technology Manager

Bob Froeba

Field Technologist

Garrett Schoener

Field Technologist


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