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Hydrite provides creative chemical equipment options for a wide variety of industries. Affordable, dependable, flexible, and robust, these systems are designed to optimize chemical delivery and application. When working with customers, the Hydrite equipment technology team considers five key factors:


Equipment Technology Factors


Chemical Equipment Applications

Hydrite chemical equipment solutions cover a variety of applications across industries and can be customized to fit unique processing and manufacturing requirements.

  • Allocating, analyzing and documenting concentrations of cleaning, sanitation and intervention chemistries
  • Chemical concentration controlling and recording
  • CIP and COP
  • Day tank dispensing
  • Dry and liquid chemical blending
  • PAA Product Control, Delivery & Real-Time Concentration Monitoring
  • Formula recipe and make down
  • Polymer blending
  • Reuse, reclaim, or batch
  • Secondary container dispensing
  • Telemetry, monitoring, and logistics
  • Wastewater treatment and control


Hydrite Exclusive ItemChoose between Hydrite-exclusive and off-the-shelf options that meet your unique application needs. Hydrite-exclusive equipment technology is the industry-leading choice for customers, with comprehensive support including installation, operation training, preventative and reactive maintenance, and real-time troubleshooting. Download the brochure.


Chemical Delivery EquipmentHydri-Pro

Consistently and accurately apply chemicals in complex and challenging applications. Choose from customizable configurations that integrate into existing manufacturing lines.

  • Dispensing & Allocation
  • Foam or Gel Systems
  • Lubrication
  • Foam Control
  • Product Usage Monitoring
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 Available Systems
Hydri-Pro Hydri-Pro: Hydri-Pro is patent pending technology for allocating and dispensing cleaning, sanitation and intervention chemistries. Simplicity of its design as well as the accuracy and speed of chemical delivery is foundational to this creative solution. Accomodates up to 36 destinations and chemicals. Read the case studies: automation at a dairy co-opimproved accuracy in a greenfield expansion, or watch the video.
Hydri-Pro Hydri-Pro Lite: The Hydri-Pro Lite model features the same benefits as the standard Hydri-Pro with a reduced footprint, accommodating up to six destinations and six chemicals with the ability to be wall mounted.
Automated Main Station Automated Main Station: Developed by System Cleaners, the automated main station is a low-pressure cleaning system designed for central, decentral, or hybrid supply of premixed or concentrated chemicals in a food or beverage processing plant. Learn more about the benefits.

FEED+: A chemical allocation and dispensing system as well as a next generation offering to Hydrite 6 Button Feed. Simplicity of its design as well as the flexibility to set control with either time or a recycle timer are foundational to this creative solution. Designed with up to 16 timers with three-way functionality.

Membrane Minder Membrane Minder: Recipe-based chemical allocation and dispensing system with flow as the primary function for control. Upgraded Feed-Flo+ coming soon.
FMS-6+ Chemical Flow Measurer and Recorder FMS+: Portable chemical flow measurer and recorder with remote and local data access that is the next generation offering to Hydrite's FMS-6. The system can supply power to and monitor up to sixteen flowmeters simultaneously, and is compatible with both Seametrics and Keyence flowmeters. Learn more about the system.
ORP or pH ORP or pH: Application specific instrumentation to support custom equipment packages for accurate measurement, monitoring and control of peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide.
Flow Based Flow based: Instrumentation, hardware and accessories to support measurement and control of sanitizer additions primarily into CIP or COP systems.





Chemical Control EquipmentHydri-Vision

Ensure compliance and quality control by regulating how chemicals are proportioned, monitored, and logged.

  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) & Clean-Out-of-Place (COP)
  • Intervention
  • Secondary Container Filling
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 Available Systems
Hydri-Vision Hydri-Vision: Hydri-Vision is patent pending technology for collecting, analyzing and documenting concentrations of cleaning, sanitation and intervention chemistries. Food safety, verification and validation as well as quality of an applicable finished product are foundational to this creative solution. Read the case studies: a third-party accredited study's findings + SQF certification thanks to Hydri-Vision, or watch the video.
Hydri-Vision Hydri-Vision DLX: An enhanced version of the Hydri-Vision, the Hydri-Vision DLX includes pH measurement in addition to titrations. pH endpoint accuracy is a critical metric for determining efficacy and effectiveness of specific recipes and steps within a cleaning program, especially in those applications where both enzyme and sanitizer usage are frequent.
CCR-500 CCR-500: A conductivity controller designed primarily for use on CIP and COP systems. It controls chemical concentrations of caustic and acid washes by adjusting to a conductivity setpoint. It can alarm when in either a low or high conductivity setting. Chlorine or sanitizers can also be controlled by the unit with a time feed function. Upgraded CCR+ coming soon.
Intelli-Fil Intelli-Fil (Coming Soon): A system that transfers chemistry from bulk, totes, or drums to smaller containers.  This process is primarily controlled by calibrated time, although flow could be an option. Having a system like this is a strong safety measure in that it minimizes the operator’s interaction with chemistry.
Boiler & Water Care Boiler & Water Care: Chemical and digital hybrid solutions for corrosion, scale, and microbial control supported by a state-of-the-art IoT platform. Precise dosage control based on traced chemistry and tagged polymer and real-time assessment of chemical performance at your fingertips. Learn more.





Chemical Handling Equipment

Safely store and blend chemicals on site with robust, flexible technology designed to maintain product integrity.

  • Bulk Storage & Handling
  • Blending or Make Down
  • Wastewater
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 Available Systems
Bulk & Secondary Container Telemetry Bulk & Secondary Container Telemetry: Unparalleled accuracy in monitoring entrained air within a given fluid system to more accurately dose defoamer/antifoam. This is the most accurate method available to better control dosing and provide efficient foam control with the operating system.
Inline Static Mixing Inline Static Mixing: Hydrite static mixers ensure that the product delivered is uniform and consistent. The in-line, static mixer ensures that the defoamer/antifoam will mix with the dilution water. This equipment will reduce “gelling” and lower maintenance costs as the lines should require less care.
Entrained Air Monitoring Entrained Air Monitoring: An innovative, proprietary technology to detect and measure the presence of entrained air (bubbles) at the microscopic level before problematic foam begins to form.
Polymer Blend or Feed System Polymer Blend or Feed System: Hydrite offers a polymer blending system and polymer feed system. ProMinent ProMix™ is a pre-engineered polymer mixing system made for the water and wastewater markets.




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