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Responsible water management is an environmental concern, and at Hydrite Chemical Co., we are careful to comply with all discharge regulations, minimize water used in our operations, and partner with our customers to provide creative solutions to their water needs.


Our Water Use

Hydrite uses water for cleaning, cooling manufacturing processes, steam generation, and as an ingredient in many products. Special equipment and operating procedures minimize water use and outside impact by internally recycling water for scrubbing, cleaning, and product use; collecting steam condensate for return; neutralizing of wastewater; and balancing water use and cleaning chemicals. Minimization of salt for de-icing is also something important to us, especially at our snowy Midwest locations where the chloride has become an issue in waterways. All these efforts represent Hydrite’s commitment to responsible water management.


Customer Impact

Today’s manufacturers and municipalities are faced with complex environmental challenges. Ever-tightening regulatory restrictions have led to increased operational costs, creating a need for efficient chemical programs. We offer a consultative, problem-solving approach to chemical optimization and reduction of overall costs associated with treating wastewater in manufacturing processes.

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