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As a company that operates in areas impacted by drought and water shortages, we recognize the importance of water protection and conservation. We seek to minimize the amount of water we consume and to make sure that the wastewater from our manufacturing operations meets all state and federal regulatory standards. Extensive protections measures are in place at each our sites to provide protection of local waterways and ground systems.


Customer Impact

Today’s manufacturers and municipalities are faced with complex environmental challenges. Ever-tightening regulatory restrictions have led to increased operational costs, creating a need for efficient chemical programs. We offer a consultative, problem-solving approach to chemical optimization and reduction of overall costs associated with treating wastewater in manufacturing processes. In 2023, 310,000,000+ gallons of water were saved at customer sites. Below are some examples of how Hydrite solutions have provided significant water savings for our customers:



With Hydrite water treatment chemistries, a dairy producer was able to reuse 147,000 gallons of water back into their manufacturing operations each day.

A CIP process review led to avoiding 90MM gallons of water resulting in nearly $100k in water & sewer savings.

By eliminating excess flushing, a dairy manufacturer saved 9.6MM gallons of water.


Sustainability - Water Customer Impact

Sustainability - Water Customer Impact


By reviewing high-temp, short-time pasteurization system mid-washes, a dairy producer was able to save 5MM gallons of water.

CIP circuit instrumentation installed throughout a dairy facility helped save 42MM gallons of water annually.

By utilizing Hydrite's Soil Load Mapping (SLM) technology to optimize a wash program, a customer saved 800,000+ gallons of water.


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