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Hydrite academy: Training the RITE Way™

Training and continuous education is an important aspect of food safety.  Ongoing training and everyday application of the food safety principles increase quality and reduce risk while addressing food safety concerns.  Hydrite offers training and educational programs to help increase your knowledge and understanding of food safety, and improve your company’s operational efficiencies.  Our programs cover topics such as Cleaning Dynamics, CIP Verification & Validation, Food Microbiology, and Preventative Sanitation - just to name a few.   An effective food safety program will enable your company to apply these techniques to everyday working operations and effectively uphold food safety practices. 

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Food Safety Fridays

COST: Free
FORMAT: Online
LENGTH: 1 hour

Twice per year (February and September) we offer weekly, one-hour Food Safety Fridays webinars focusing on food safety and sanitation. These short-form, topical sessions include supplemental information that builds off of our three-day food safety, sanitation, and membrane trainings.


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Food Safety, Sanitation & Membrane Training

COST: Free
FORMAT: In-person
LENGTH: 3 days

Hydrite’s food safety, sanitation, and membrane workshops equip key food manufacturing employees with up-to-date information and best practices to bring back to the plant.  Hydrite takes a comprehensive, creative approach to sanitation and cleaning benefits both processing plants and consumers. Days 1-2 will be food safety focused, and Day 3 is membrane focused.


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COST: $500 per person for Hydrite customers, $650 per person non-Hydrite customers
FORMAT: Online
LENGTH: 3 days

Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) Preventive Controls for Human Foods is a two-day and a half day course that will provide the tools to complete the requirements for FSMA Preventive Controls rule.  

Introduction to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) after PCQI is a half day course, following FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food course, that will provide the tools to complete the requirements for HACCP training.  The class is designed for individuals who have completed PCQI training.


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Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Program Workshop

COST: $200 per person
FORMAT: In-person
LENGTH: 1 day

Hydrite’s environmental monitoring program workshop equip key food manufacturing employees with up-to-date information and best practices to bring back to the plant.

Training is an important aspect of food safety. The Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) in a food manufacturing facility is an expectation of the industry. You’ll learn about:

  • Background of Microorganisms
  • Sample Locations
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Testing Methods
  • Frequency of Monitoring
  • Baseline Development
  • Data Interpretation
  • Corrective Actions
  • Case Study Examples


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Our Instructors

Our food safety and sanitation workshops are instructed by members of Hydrite’s RITE Team. Hydrite’s RITE Team is a group of experienced professionals tasked to enhance the technical support in the field to introduce innovative solutions that help address critical issues in the Food industry. RITE is an acronym for Real-time, Innovative, Technical, and Expertise. This collaborative team supports our customers and our field to provide technical training, program development, and adjacent technology. Our primary instructors from the RITE Team are Kara Mikkelson, Joel Cook and Glen Giersch.


Kara Mikkelson
Food Safety Program Manager

Kara, our lead instructor, has over 25 years of food microbiology experience working on control of foodborne pathogens in the manufacturing plant environment and continuous improvement of food safety systems. Kara has been published in Food Quality & Safety Magazine.



Joel Cook 
Senior Technical Manager

Joel has been employed with Hydrite for over 22 years working with the Food and Operations and Lab Quality Assurance Groups. Joel has presented subject matter at the Membrane Technology Forum, ADPI 360 Ingredients Symposium, and Midwest Food Processors Association.



Glen Giersch  
ATS Program Manager

Glen is responsible for technical service and field sales support for Hydrite’s Western District. Glen also authored a U.S. Patent for Whey and Lactose Processing Aids for the dairy industry. He has extensive experience in developing sanitation programs and solving sanitation-related issues in the dairy, food, and beverages industries.



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