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  • Custom Solutions

    Hydrite offers a complete line of polymers, solvents, defoamers, antifoam and air release agents. Free in-lab testing of our products is available to help determine the optimum product for your system.


  • Foam Control

    Hydrite offers advanced foam control technology that can help lower overall operating costs while improving quality and processing.


  • Graphic Arts

    Customer-oriented supplier of styrene/acrylic emulsion polymers and solutions to the water-based ink and coating markets.


  • Operational Efficiencies

    We design practical, creative strategies using a consultative problem- solving approach to optimize chemistry and reduce overall costs.


  • VOC Exempt Solvents

    We offer our customers custom formulas free of harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).


  • Waste Management Services

    Hydrite’s comprehensive waste services program encompasses managing all types of waste for disposal, recycling, and acquisition.


Paints and Coatings Brochure

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Technical Support & Service

To ensure safe, accurate and economical chemical usage, our service specialists and engineering staff investigate and recommend the proper chemical feed and control equipment. Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging problems. Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer service.

Our staff of scientists and chemists have over 150 years of combined industry experience with PhD, MS, and BS in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomolecular Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. 

Combined Areas of Expertise: Product Development, Technical Services, Field Technical Support, Analytical Characterization, Competitive Analysis, Benchmarking, Root Cause Analysis, Analytical Method Development, Statistical Analysis and Design of Experiments.


Antifoams, Defoamers and Specialty Chemicals

Hydrite is a leading provider and manufacturer of antifoams, defoamers and other specialty chemicals for the Paints, Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives Industries. We work closely with our customers to provide solutions to their processing needs.  Our full line of defoamers, antifoams and air release agents are designed to help both small market and multi-national producers.

Our foam control line is designed to work in solvent-borne, water-reducible, water based and 100% active systems. Our products work in paint and coatings based on starting materials such as acrylics, alkyds, epoxy, polyurethane, PVOH, SBR and terpolymers. We also offer free in-lab testing of our product line to help determine the optimum product for your system. 


Hydrite’s Philosophy and Capabilities

Hydrite believes in custom tailoring products for our customer’s specific systems. Through our knowledge of foam control chemistries and intensive on-site testing, we find the best defoamer formulation for your system. Through defoamer testing, we custom formulate and then bench test our products so our customers get the optimal performance.

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