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Air PollutionVolatile Organic Compound Reduction

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are carbon-containing compounds that can easily evaporate into the air, contributing to air pollution and the formation of ground-level ozone. VOC-exempt compounds are those that are considered exempt from regulatory restrictions on VOC emissions due to their low contribution to air pollution. 

Due to evolving state and federal regulations to reduce VOCs, manufacturers must remove these compounds from their formulations, or consider a VOC-exempt solvent class.


VOC-Exempt Products

Hydrite has a wide portfolio of VOC-exempt products for paint, coating, ink, and adhesive applications including:

  • Acetone is a common solvent with a wide range of industrial applications. Acetone is VOC-exempt because it evaporates relativley quickly and doesn't contribute significantly to air pollution. It's exemption can be beneficial for industries where a fast-evaporating solvent is required. 
  • Dimethyl Carbonate is an environmentally friendly solvent with low toxicity. It is VOC-exempt due to it's low contribution to air polution. It's used in various applications, including as a solvent in the production of coatings and adhesives.
  • Methyl Acetate is an ester commonly used as a solvent. Methyl acetate is VOC-exempt because it has a relatively low vapor pressure and evaporates quickly. It is used in the production of paints, coatings, and adhesives. 


  • Tertiary Butyl Acetate is an ester solvent with good solvency properties. It is VOC-exempt due to it's low contribution to air pollution. Tertiary butyl acetate is used in coatings, inks, and cleaning products.
  • Propylene Carbonate is a polar solvent with high chemical stability. Propylene carbonate is VOC-exempt because it has a lower vapor pressure and doesnt significantly contribute to air pollution. It is used in various applications including as a solvent in electrolytes for batteries.
  • Para-Chlorobenzotrifluoride (PCBTF) is a chlorinated solvent. It is VOC-exempt due to it's relatively low volatility and low contribution to air pollution. PCBTF is used in coatings and cleaning products.

Protecting the Environment 

The benefits of using VOC-exempt compounds include compliance with environmental regulations, reduced contribution to air pollution, and often improved worker safety due to lower toxicity. These compounds are favored in various industries seeking environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solvents with high VOC content.

Good Air Quality

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