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Hydrite offers a variety of products to assist with your company’s Oil & Gas needs. Contact us today to inquire about any of the products below.

Additives - to make your working fluid perform better. These concentrates are offered in blended packages or as individual concentrates to tailor the performance and price point for each job.

Corrosion Inhibitors - to protect your piping and tank assets as well as drilling equipment from corrosion. These special additives protect the steel and drilling equipment and still allow the acids to dissolve and penetrate the fissures in the rock formations during hydraulic treatment.

Wetting agents - to help move proppants into the fractures by lowering the surface tension at the interface between the water based working fluid and the oil coated well formations.

Iron control – these additives chelate or reduce iron to prevent sludge deposits forming when contacting the crude oil in the formation.

Breakers – these are oxidizer additives for thinning the working fluid at the right time at the end of the well for optimal diffusion.

Biocides - to control sulfate reducing bacteria and biofilm formations. Controlling the microbes downhole as well as during extraction is very important to maintaining a productive well.  Both long-term and short-term treatments are available.

Clay Stabilization - to help control the swelling of clay and shale formations that might shift, heave or crack during drilling and hydraulic treatment. We have a specially formulated water soluble clay control additive that adsorbs to the formation to protect it.


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