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Why Solvent Recycle?

Recycle IconSolvent recycling is a great way to turn your waste into usable products. Doing so substantially reduces costs and minimizes waste disposal. In addition to the supply of virgin solvents, Hydrite also offers solvent recovery services. Hydrite owns and operates a Part B permitted facility in Cottage Grove, WI that includes a state-of-the-art lab. At our facilities, we recycle both drum and bulk solvent waste in small and large batches. We recondition spent solvents, often blending with virgin products to produce high-quality technical-grade products. Small batch, custom recycling programs are also available to fit your individual business transforming your waste into high-quality blends for beneficial reuse.

Other recycling capabilities include:

Thin Film Evaporation

Hydrites thin film evaporation services is a solvent separation process that involves the application of heat to a thin film of solvent, promoting evaporation and leaving behind concentrated substances. This method is often used for heat-sensitive materials and can be an efficient way to recover solvents from various industrial processes. 


Drying is a method employed in solvent recycling to remove water content from solvents. Molecular sieves selectively adsorb water molecules, helping to regenerate and purify solvents for reuse.


Fractionation is a separation process that divides a mixture into its individual components or fractions based on differences in boiling points. This technique is commonly used in solvent recycling to separate and recover specific components from a solvent mixture. 

Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum Distillation is a process that separates components of a liquid mixture based on their boiling points under pressure. This method is particularly useful for recovering solvents with high boiling points and can be employed in solvent recycling to improve efficiency. 




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