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Wet Wipe Chemicals

Cleaning Wipes

Hydrite is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals used in wet wipe manufacturing. Hydrite facilities are FDA registered, we offer EPA registered products, and our manufacturing follows cGMP practices. 

As a trusted industry partner, Hydrite is proud to be a leading provider of wet wipe manufacturing chemicals for many markets including:

Hydrite’s wet wipe manufacturing chemical products range from conditioning agents, sanitizers, peracetic acid and more.

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Conditioning Agents
Emollients & Emulsifiers
pH Adjusters


Flammable Blending CapabilitiesFlammable Liquids

Hydrite has the facilities and expertise to conduct flammable goods blending with materials like ethanol. This includes:

  • Ability to blend flammable liquids at multiple sites: Cottage Grove (WI), Milwaukee (WI)
  • Electrically-rated tanks for safe handling regardless of flashpoint: Each facility conducts detailed hazard reviews on all incoming flammable products to keep personnel safe

Depending on the end-use application of the product, we can accommodate your flammable blending requirements. Get in touch with a Hydrite representative to review the details of your application.


Supporting Wet Wipes Manufacturers

Beyond high-quality materials, wet wipes manufacturers can rely on Hydrite’s comprehensive services and support. We help our customers accomplish their goals through entrepreneurial application of our broad chemical and applications expertise, providing technical expertise and training.


Lab Services

Technical Support & Lab Services

Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer service. Our dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff­ have extensive knowledge and experience in solving the most challenging formulating problems.

Hydrite provides product testing services for our customers in the form of chemical analysis and product performance testing. Our chemists are experienced formulation experts and are here to help customers with product development and industrial support.

With lab and formulation services, 11 bench chemists and scale-up capabilities, our lab capabilities and technical expertise can assist you with your existing formulas or develop new formulations.


Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Distribution

Due to Hydrite’s years of experience in manufacturing sensitive formulations we understand not every chemical equivalent is a drop in replacement. Our chemical distribution capabilities include:

  • Quality control labs
  • Compliance management services
  • Private fleet of 255 units
  • 850,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • 7 million gallons of bulk storage
  • Waste wanagement capabilities

If you are single sourced and need assistance to find products to fit your formulation needs, please reach out to your Hydrite Account Manager to see how we can help.


Custom Blending & Toll Manufacturing

Custom Blending & Toll Manufacturing

In addition to wet wipe manufacturing chemicals, Hydrite off­ers state-of-the-art chemical blending capabilities including flammable blending with a USP water system. For over 90 years, Hydrite has continued to provide creative solutions to our customers. 

Hydrite offers expertise in chemical manufacturing with state-of-the-art toll and blending capabilities and can assist in finding products to fit formulation needs. 

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with reliable process equipment and experienced staff to produce chemistry in a safe and sustainable manner. This includes:

  • API manufacturing
  • USP water system
  • USP flammable blending capabilities
  • FDA and EPA registered tolling facilities
  • FDA regulated, EPA regulated, cosmetic, OTC and hard surface solution blending
  • 80 production vessels

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