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Applications for Peracetic Acid in Wastewater Treatment

Peracetic acid has many applications related to the treatment of process water, cooling water and wastewater. These may include: 

  • The treatment of water used in primary or secondary oil and gass recovery systems to control anaerobic sulfide forming bacteria and aerobic slime forming bacteria
  • Control of slime forming bacteria and biofouling in recirculating cooling water systems, non-food contact water systems and ornamental or recreation water
  • Oil and gas used in the treatment of produced water, cooling water, influent systems, retort water systems, irrigation water systems and wastewater


Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation

Unleashing the oxidative power of Hydritreat SB2216, a Hydrite peracetic acid product, to reduce and remove dangerous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels is more effective than traditional treatments of bleach and peroxide. Hydritreat can be used to remove H2S odor in wastewater treatment applications, oil and gas processes, as well as retention ponds and breaks down into non-harmful by-products: vinegar and water.


Effluent Disinfection

Secondary effluent water treatment options showing the positive impact EPA registered peracetic acid has on effluent treated with UV. Used in conjunction with UV, peracetic acid will improve effluent clarity allowing UV to be more effective at lower output giving operators the confidence to control effluent quality during high load and UV maintenance conditions.


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