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Cooling Water Treatment

Industrial cooling water systems present complex and interconnected challenges, which if left unaddressed can result in serious consequences to your operations. Equipment failure and reduced heat transfer efficiency can result from unaddressed scaling, fouling, corrosion, and microbiological issues, with unplanned downtime and frequent equipment repairs being incredibly costly. Hydrite is here to help address and control these challenges in a sophisticated yet simplified approach that gives you the confidence and peace of mind that your cooling water systems are operating efficiently and unplanned downtime and equipment failures will be avoided. By implementing Ackumen cooling water system management as part of a carefully selected treatment program, you will have complete solution that optimizes performance 24/7/365 and recognizes and addresses potential problems before they become a threat to your operation, maintaining peak operating efficiency and driving down operating costs.



Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

No two water sources are exactly alike, which is why Hydrite carries a wide range of high-performance scale and corrosion inhibitors to address the unique challenges at your site. Whether your challenges are corrosion, scaling, or both, Hydrite will identify an optimized program to tackle those challenges. By using a sophisticated modeling program, Hydrite can not only select the proper treatment, but can also identify inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce water consumption while maintaining peak heat transfer efficiency and system performance. Hydrite will help you manage the most challenging conditions with confidence.


Biocides – oxidizing and non-oxidizing 

Microbiological control is a critical yet often overlooked component of a cooling water treatment program. If a proper program and application method is not implemented, uncontrolled microbiological growth can lead to dramatic loss of heat transfer efficiency, accelerated corrosion, and even health and safety concerns. Hydrite carries a range of both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides and has the experience to select and apply the proper program using best practices to minimize these concerns and maintain control over microbiological populations, translating to high operating efficiency, asset protection, and dollars in your pocket.


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