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Hydrite’s industrial wastewater team provides a total water care approach to wastewater management with innovative solutions focused on addressing the industry’s complex challenges while reducing cost. As a vertically integrated business, Hydrite offers a complete selection of wastewater products and services from foam and odor control to sludge dewatering – positioning us as your single-source supplier. Protect the environment and your bottom line with a consultative, problem-solving approach to chemical optimization. Download the brochure


Foam Control

Backed by extensive experience in the wastewater treatment industry, Hydrite's full line of foam control chemistry is unique to the market and anchored by fatty alcohol technology. Second to none, our fatty alcohol emulsions deliver powerful foam control at a relatively low operational cost to provide efficient control of foam to the operator. View wastewater foam control products

Water Treatment Foam Control


Liquid/Solid Separation

We use years of industry experience and process knowledge to select the best combination of coagulants and flocculants to address your water treatment issues. This supports successfully improving separation efficiency and minimizing sludge across numerous industries including food processing, metal finishing, and mining.

Read the case study to learn how Hydrite provided a heavy metal removal solution to keep a customer within permitted zinc levels.

Liquid Solid Separation


  • Hydriclear Coagulants
  • Hydrifloc Flocculants
    • Cationic & Anionic Emulsions
    • Cationic & Anionic Powders
    • Ready to Feed Solution Polymers


  • Sludge Reduction
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • BOD, TSS, COD, FOG Reductions
  • Phosphorus Reduction
  • Solids Settling & Water Clarification


Odor Control

We offer a full range of odor management solutions – not just one. We start by determining the root cause of your H2S or odor concern then provide chemistry and feed options to achieve your desired results. Whether in the air, wastewater, or sludge, our neutralizers and countervailants render malodors imperceptible. View wastewater odor control products

Water Treatment Odor Control


  • Advanced Oxidation Technology
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Peracetic Acid


  • Hydrivail Odor Neutralizers
  • Hydrivail Countervailants


Water Treatment Polymers

Hydrite offers low to high molecular weight, water soluble flocculant Hydrifloc polymers. These polymers are designed to increase floc density, enhance clarity, improve settling characteristics and dewater sludge. View water treatment polymer products

Water Treatment Polymers


Phosphorus Reduction

We can help you stay one step ahead of ever tightening phosphorus discharge limits. We offer a full range of options for chemical and biological phosphorus removal through comprehensive testing to provide the best option for your system. View Hydriclear products

  • Inorganics
  • Organics
  • Blends
  • Rare Earth

Phosphorus Reduction


pH Control

As one of North America’s largest chemical distributors, Hydrite has the critical mass to negotiate the lowest cost sourcing for acids and alkalis used to control pH. We pass those savings on to you. Because we stock a full range of commercially available acids and alkalis, we can offer the best product and concentration for your unique situation.

pH Control


  • Caustic Soda (low freeze options)
  • Lime (dry and slurry)
  • Magnesium Hydroxide slurry



Peracetic Acid (PAA) Solutions

Peracetic acid, a powerful oxidative disinfectant, has many applications related to the treatment of wastewater including:

  • Hydrogen sulfide oxidation: Reduces and removes dangerous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in water treatment applications.
  • Effluent disinfection: Used in conjunction with UV, improves clarity to help control effluent quality during high load and UV maintenance conditions.

Learn more about how PAA can play a role in your wastewater processing.

PAA Water Treatment


System Optimization

We can optimize your existing system to function at its highest efficiency without capital investment. Through automating chemical feed, we can keep you in compliance while minimizing chemical consumption.

  • Improve performance of your existing systems
  • Meet your regulatory limits at the lowest possible costs
  • Provide cost-effective surcharge reduction
  • Reduce chemical consumption by addressing root causes

Read the case study to discover how Hydrite helped solve a manganese problem in a facility’s discharge to their city water treatment plant.

Water Treatment System Optimization


Additional Capabilities

Additional Capabilities


  • Metal precipitation and removal
  • Bioaugmentation
  • Scale and corrosion control


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