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Reverse Osmosis Treatment


Reverse Osmosis Treatment

You rely on your Reverse Osmosis unit to deliver a consistent supply of high-quality permeate water for your process needs. Hydrite understands the importance of proper RO feedwater pre-treatment to maximize recovery and reduce the frequency of downtime needed for membrane cleaning, allowing you to achieve longer production runs while extending the life of your membranes.



Antiscalants are critical in managing feedwater contaminants and minerals of the RO membranes, allowing maximum recovery. Feedwater can vary in its constituents, which is why Hydrite carries a variety of antiscalants, including NSF options, that we can match to your specific needs. We utilize an advanced software program to select the proper antiscalant and dosage for the application while modeling flow to gain valuable insights and help operate your RO unit at peak efficiency while minimizing scaling potential and downtime.

pH Testing

High and Low pH Cleaners

Hydrite carries both high and low pH membrane cleaners to remove organics, foulants, and mineral scales from your RO membranes to restore flux and peak performance. Our cleaners are compatible with thin-film composite and cellulose-acetate membranes.


Pre-Treatment Chemistries

Hydrite supplies chemistry for feedwater pH adjustment and dechlorination if your system requires it.

Our dechlorination products:

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Treatment

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