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Hydrite Clean in Place (CIP) Product Line

Our CIP product line offers hydroxyl-free radical cleaning.  Our formulation decreases downtime while increasing corn oil recovery and improving water balance.  All products are FSMA compliant and GRAS approved for animal feed.  Contact us today to learn more.



Clean in Place PRODUCTS

The Hydrite Hydri-Maize™ product line offers a variety of clean-in-place (CIP) process solutions that targets specific scales and soils in your unit operations.

Hydri-Maize SAR 

Acid & chelator liquid formulation designed to replace sulfamic acid crystals


Hydri-Maize CIP 3421  

Injected into evaporators to remove protein and mineral scales


Hydri-Maize 2759

Used as a descaling agent in Clean In Place tanks


Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200 

Injected into evaporators to prevent scale formation and improve heat transfer


Hydri-Maize Evap 200

A specially formulated additive used to remove mineral scales during the alkaline wash of the thin still evaporator


Hydri-Maize General Cleaner

A proprietary, alkaline cleaner that solubilizes fats and removes soils


Hydri-Clean 2785

Biodiesel methanol column and packed distillation column cleaner used to extend packing life and imrove product quality

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