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Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200


Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200


Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200 is a high solids liquid chelating agent for sequestering mineral ions in bioethanol production.

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  • Mineral chelation in evaporators and heat exchangers
  • Ready to use, easily and accurately dispensable in liquid form
Product Details

Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200

Injected into evaporators to prevent scale formation & improve heat transfer


Value Proposition

  • Reduction in sulfuric acid consumption
  • Improved heating effciency and water balance control



  • Prevents hard mineral scale formation in unit operations
  • Triple-acting scale prevention through chelation, dispersion, & threshold inhibition
  • Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200 Case Study

    Hydri-Maize Scale Control 200 Case Study

    Hydrite Scale Control 200: Injected into evaporators to prevent mineral scale formation and improve heat transfer


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