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Summit No. 287

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Summit, No. 287 is a self-foaming, chlorinated, alkaline cleaner designed to clean fat and mineral deposits from processing equipment at lower rinse temperatures. 


For use in foam cleaning systems.

Consult your Hydrite representative for specific recommendations. 


  • Reduces energy use with lower temperature sanitation water.
  • Reduces or eliminates condensation formation which improves sanitation and cleaning time.
  • Lower water temperatures reduce potential for scalding injury during sanitation.
  • Improves visibility in process areas.
  • All-in-one liquid product. Alkalinity, foam, and chlorine eliminate the need for mixing.
  • High foaming, chlorinated, built cleaner.
  • Product is chlorinated to break down protein stains and improve rinsing.
  • Wetting agents rapidly penetrate soil and improve rinsing.
  • Leaves stainless steel shining without acid.
  • Reduces acid cleaning. 


  • HydriPet Sanitation Case Study

    HydriPet Sanitation Case Study

    A pet food manufacturer in the Midwest was struggling to control environmental microbial more how Hydrite helped provide a creative solution.


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