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Vigor 400


Hydri-Gro Vigor 400


YDRI-GRO VIGOR 400 is a specially formulated, proprietary liquid foliar fertilizer that combines the benefits of nitrogen with vital micronutrients – zinc, manganese, iron and boron. HYDRI-GRO VIGOR 400 delivers these macro and micronutrients in an effective, readily available form to increase plant health, growth, and yields when nutrient demands are at their highest.

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Product Details
HYDRI-GRO Analysis Rate/A Micronutrient Chelation Density (lbs./gal) SaltOut (°F)
Vigor 400 4-0-0-2 S-0.5 B-0.5 Fe-2 Mn-2 Zn 1-2 qts non-EDTA chelated 10.33 3



  • Tested and approved from use with XtendiMax®
  • Efficiently absorbed non-EDTA chelated metals
  • Compatible with most foliar pesticides
  • Foliar nutrients help defend against environmental stresses


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