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Hydrite Announces Enhanced Food Group to Better Serve Customers

Hydrite is excited to announce the growth and continuous improvement of its food segment allowing them to better support customers in achieving their goals.

While the Hydrite food, water, and equipment technology groups have worked closely together, there is a need for the integration of the three as the industries coincide with the support needed to be successful. By integrating their water and equipment technology teams Hydrite offers reduced complexity, improved operational effectiveness, and enhanced partner collaboration all while focusing on sustainability.

Hydrite’s customer experience team is also undergoing a transition to better support these integrations by focusing on creating innovative and cost-effective ways to prioritize customer success, translate ‘Voice of Customer’ inputs to drive customer service level strategy and define and implement a customer experience maturity model.

The water treatment segment has existed throughout Hydrite’s history working closely with the food segment, which is why the need for a dedicated water treatment team within the food segment became apparent. Integrating their food and water segments allows Hydrite to provide the products, support, and service to be a one-stop-shop for chemical products and technical services. The water team consists of a field ready group with expertise in water treatment, boilers, and cooling towers - covering most regions of the United States.

Hydrite is also further integrating their equipment technology team to drive innovation within the food industry, focusing on new equipment, processes, and products. This integration increases the team’s bandwidth as there is greater collaboration between the segments, all working towards the same goal. Advancements in technology allow Hydrite to provide world class products and services while operating as sustainably as possible, saving customers water and energy while minimizing waste.

Food Vice President James Mahmoudi comments “Hydrite’s business growth allows us to promote collaboration from within, so it’s with great honor to formally announce the enhancements to each of these divisions to further enhance the technical support and innovations for providing creative solutions addressing critical issues within the food industry. This collaborative team will continue to support our customers and own field personnel to provide technical training, program development, and adjacent technology.”

Hydrite has developed a reputation within the industry for providing the distinct combination of excellence in chemical manufacturing and distribution with the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available. To learn more, visit or call (262) 792-1450.