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Boiler Water Treatment

Hydrite recognizes that an efficient and reliable steam system is critical to your operations. Hydrite takes care in assessing your unique system to prescribe the proper chemical program and application to maximize asset protection, prevent unplanned downtime and lost production, and minimize operating costs. Hydrite has designed programs that are approved for use in any industry, be it food or dairy processing, brew and beverage, general manufacturing, and anything in between. Your Hydrite representative will work closely with your team as a partner and provide support each step of the way to ensure optimal program performance while continually searching for opportunities to conserve resources, improve efficiency, and drive down operating costs.



Oxygen Scavengers

Oxygen corrosion and attack can cause swift and severe damage in a boiler system, resulting in equipment failure, unplanned downtime, and significant costs in lost production and equipment repair. To manage this problem, Hydrite carries a line of uncatalyzed and catalyzed oxygen scavengers to address a range of applications to maximize chemical use efficiency and asset protection. Your Hydrite Representative will assess your system to determine proper product selection and application to ensure optimal results. 


Internal Treatment

Scale and deposition in a boiler quickly robs heat transfer efficiency, resulting in increased fuel costs while increasing the potential for damaging under deposit corrosion and boiler tube overheating and failure. To combat this, Hydrite has developed high-performing internal treatment programs designed to manage contaminants and hardness upsets to maintain maximum heat transfer efficiency and performance. Hydrite’s specialized blends also you to maximize cycles of concentration in your boiler, minimizing water, energy, and chemical usage. Your Hydrite Representative will assess your system to determine proper program selection and application to maximize system efficiency. 


Condensate Treatment

Returning high quality condensate is extremely valuable to a boiler system, reducing water and energy usage. However, corrosion in the condensate system can have negative consequences that affect not just the condensate piping but that stretch all the way back to the boiler. Corrosion of condensate piping can result in the need for frequent and inconvenient piping replacements, costing you time and money and lost condensate. Dissolved Iron in the condensate due to this corrosion travels back to the boiler feedwater and ultimately the boiler, resulting in unwanted deposition. To prevent this damaging condensate system corrosion, Hydrite is able to employ a range of treatments aimed at neutralizing the acidic condensate or producing a protective film on the condensate piping. With a range of treatment options to address any industry and systems of varying size and complexity, you can rest assured that your condensate system is protected while returning high quality condensate back to your boiler system, helping to maintain peak operating efficiency.


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