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Terre Haute Storage Expansion


Hydrite Announces ATS=TM and Thio 25-17TM Storage Expansion in Terre Haute

Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, is excited to announce the expansion of storage capacity for both ATS=TM (ammonium thiosulfate) and the recently completed expansion of storage for Thio 25-17TM (potassium thiosulfate) at its Terre Haute, IN plant to better serve customers in the Corn Belt. A 1.8 million gallon tank was recently completed to expand Thio 25-17TM storage, and a new 3 million gallon tank is being constructed for ATS=TM. Hydrite is a leading manufacturer of sulfur derivatives and is committed to serving its retail partners. 

Nate Ludtke, Executive Vice President - Sales and Business Development for Hydrite, commented, “We are excited to announce the expansion of our already significant storage infrastructure in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Every spring brings new challenges, and with this additional storage we will be better positioned to respond to the needs of the market.”   

Hydrite has developed a reputation within the industry for providing excellence in chemical manufacturing with the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available. As a company with a strong commitment to quality and service, Hydrite continues to invest in people, technology, research, quality control, and training to offer products and systems that help deliver creative solutions.


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