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Hydrite Suppling Chemistry for Two Harley-Davidson Specifications


Hydrite Suppling Chemistry for Two Harley-Davidson Specifications

January 2019 - Brookfield, WI

Hydrite Chemical Co., an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, is pleased to announce that it is supplying chemistry to systems that meet the stringent specifications of Harley-Davidson’s ESPEC 805-050 and ESPEC 805-051.

Hydrite Chemical Co. together with Asterion, gained Harley-Davidson Verified Construction Approvals for both ESPEC 805-051 and ESPEC 805-050.  Both specifications are expected to be updated in the Harley-Davidson supplier portal with newly approved construction materials and processes by June of 2019.

Asterion’s TECHNIBRITE™ alkaline and acid zinc plating systems are used for providing optimum corrosion protection on Harley Davidson’s legendary motorcycles.  Asterion, LLC. is a surface technology company that provides high performance plating processes, pre-treatment chemistry, and powder coatings to the surface finishing industry.

Hydrite’s products and unique formulations serve multiple markets for a variety of applications.  Hydrite works diligently to expand its product portfolio to produce unique formulations.  Hydrite provides fully integrated lab services designed to help solve the toughest formulation issues and provide professional reports detailing the results and solution recommendations.

Brian Peterson, Metal Finishing Specialist for Hydrite, commented, “We are excited to partner with Asterion and work with Harley Davidson to supply the best chemistry for their application that meets these stringent specifications.”

Hydrite has developed a reputation within the industry for providing the distinct combination of excellence in chemical manufacturing and distribution with the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available.  To learn more, visit www.hydrite.com or call 262-792-1450.

About Hydrite Chemical Co.

Hydrite, a family-owned company established in 1929, is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the United States.  Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Hydrite has a network of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and laboratories located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, California, and Texas with over 950 employees in 25 states.  Hydrite owns and operates a private fleet of over 255 units including tractors, van trailers, tankers, and railcars.

Hydrite offers expertise in chemical distribution and manufacturing, food and dairy sanitation, organic processing, liquid sulfites, foam control, water treatment, and compliance management services.

With over 7,000 items in its product portfolio, Hydrite’s dedicated chemists, engineers, and technical service staff have extensive knowledge and experience to solve the most challenging formulation problems.  Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer responsiveness, and offers superior products and innovative solutions.


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