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Hydrite Celebrates 95 Years



Vintage photo of Richard Honkamp and Wayne Thompson Circa 1930Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of industrial chemicals and related services, is pleased to announce that it will be celebrating its 95th anniversary in February of 2024.

On February 6, 1929 Hydrite started as a supplier to the tanning industry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which was a hotspot for tanneries, one of which was supplying the leather harnesses used by the U.S. Armed Services. When the Great Depression hit, the previous owners of Hydrite were looking to sell the company.  Seeing an opportunity, Wayne Thompson and Richard Honkamp left their jobs in 1935 and purchased a majority share in Hydrite.

Hydrite is the company that it is today thanks to the risk Wayne and Richard took many years ago.  The evolution from a chemical distributor to a chemical producer was a major turning point for the success of the company. As a chemical producer, Hydrite continues to expand its business now covering most regions of the United States. 

Hydrite looks forward to celebrating throughout the year and each year until the 100th anniversary with companywide celebrations at each location to recognize the employees who have helped achieve this milestone.

Kevin Honkamp, President, commented, “We would like to thank all of our employees, customers, and suppliers who have made these past 95 years so successful.  We are excited to celebrate this milestone and look forward to celebrating 100 years!”

Hydrite has developed a reputation within the industry for providing the distinct combination of excellence in chemical manufacturing and distribution with the most comprehensive level of technical expertise available. 


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