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Ammonium Thiosulfate


Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS=™) is a neutral to slightly basic clear liquid, containing 12% nitrogen and 26% sulfur. It is commonly referred to as 12-0-0-26s. Ammonium Thiosulfate is manufactured in Waterloo, IA and Terre Haute, IN.

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Product Details

N-P-K Ratio: 12-0-0-26s
CAS #: 7783-18-8

Application: Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS=™) is a liquid fertilizer that provides both sulfur and nitrogen to crops. In the Midwest, Ammonium Thiosulfate fertilizer is commonly applied 2 x 2 with UAN to row crops including corn and soybeans. Alternatively, growers can utilize a banded application method to apply an ATS= and UAN mixture . ATS= should never be applied with the seed as it may impact germination. For specific application and use details please consult a Hydrite Chemical Co. representative or your local agronomist.

Common Crops: Corn, Soybeans, Alfalfa

Case History: A 160 acre corn field in Douglas County, IL was split into two 80 acre test plots. Hydrite Ammonium Thiosulfate was applied with 28% UAN to one of the two test plots and resulted in an 18 bushel/acre increase in corn yield when compared to the control plot planted with just 28% UAN. Results may vary.

Compatibility: Ammonium Thiosulfate is compatible with most liquid fertilizers including neutral to slightly basic N-P-K blends and is commonly added to UAN. Ammonium thiosulfate should NOT be mixed with acids or acidic materials below a pH of 6.0.

Packaging Options: Ammonium Thiosulfate is available in bulk and tote packaging options.

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