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ammonium thiosulfate used as a fertilizerAmmonium thiosulfate (ATS=™) is an inorganic chemical compound commonly used as a fertilizer in agriculture. Its chemical formula is (NH4)2S2O3. ATS=™ is a source of sulfur and nitrogen for plants. In liquid form, it is easy to apply to crops and is an effective way to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth and optimal crop yields. It is an important tool for farmers to ensure optimal crop growth and yields. Ammonium thiosulfate can help growers improve the health of their crops, producing higher yields for crops like corn, soybeans, and potatoes.

Hydrite produces ATS=™ in Waterloo, IA and Terre Haute, IN (and Sacramento, CA).  ATS=™ is an efficient and easy source of the sulfur necessary for crop growth. Commonly applied to row crops including corn and soybeans.  Sulfur is an important component of protein synthesis, nitrogen metabolism, and photosynthesis and when in short supply can lead to yellowed leaves or stunted and spindly crops.


Benefits of Hydrite’s ATS=™ fertilizers include: 

  • Non-corrosive liquid solution precisely delivers nutrients, evenly distributing nutrients upon application
  • Fortifies and is compatible with most liquid starters and foliar fertilizers
  • Liquid solution precisely & evenly delivers nutrients upon application
  • Can be applied through irrigation water
  • Made with high-quality starting materials
  • Better low temperature storage stability
  • Provides nitrogen and sulfur that are readily available to and rapidly absorbed by the plant
  • Thiosulfate is directly absorbed by the plant and quickly converted into sulfide (S2-) and sulfite (SO3-), requiring less energy to build amino acids
  • Residual thiosulfate in the soil converts to sulfate-S (available immediately) and elemental-S (available throughout the season as additional suflate-S)
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen is the preferred form for the nitrogen assimilation process by plants
  • Slows the nitrification process
  • Reduces urea hydrolysis and ammonia loss when mixed with UAN
  • Maintains ammoniacal nitrogen form longer, increasing phosphorus availability in starters

Additional benefits: 

  • Need sulfur for high crop yields  
  • High quality product  
  • Low salt out temperature  
  • Immediate available uptake of sulfur  
  • Multiple application methods: starters, pre-plant, post-emerge spray, irrigation, in-furrow, and aerial practices  
  • High sulfur content 12-0-0-26 
  • Reduces the loss of nitrogen when mixed with UAN 




ammonium thiosulfate and UANLarger Yield with ATS=™ and UAN 28-0-0-5 common fertilizer solution. Studies, in both academic and field, have shown that ATS=™ applied with UAN increase yield 10-20 bu/acre over UAN alone. In a study performed in conjunction with Dr. Jay Goos at North Dakota State University, adding a 5% blend (v/v) of ATS=™ with UAN solution inhibited nitrification by approximately 50%, and a 1% blend inhibited urease by 15-35%. 


Benefits of Hydrite's ATS=™ and UAN

  • Inhibits the nitrification process  
  • Slows the enzymatic breakdown of urea  
  • Contains readily available nitrogen and sulfur  
  • Thiosulfate is directly absorbed by the plant  
  • Can reduce the freeze point of UAN solutions to 0° F  


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