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Delta No. 594

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Delta No. 594 is a high solid liquid chelating agent for sequestering mineral ions in food products, potable water, and evaporation systems. Delta No. 594 can be used in whey or lactose RO membrane systems to prevent mineral fouling.


  • Easily and accurately dispensed
  • High chelating ability
  • High solids to reduce shipping costs


  • Lactose processing
  • Whey
  • Coffee whiteners
  • Evaporated milk products
  • Potable water iron control


  • Liquid form
  • Ingredients meet FCC standards
  • Manufactured in the USA


Delta No. 594 is manufactured from ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and meet the specifications of the Food Complex Codex (FCC) for its intended use and application as a processing aid. Delta No. 594 is acceptable for use in animal feed applications, as long as, not more than is needed to achieve the intended effect is used. 

  • Certified kosher-pareve.
  • Meets dietary requirements of Halal. Halal certified when produced at the Hydrite Waterloo and Visalia facilies.


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