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Hydri-Maize CB-1000


Hydri-Maize CB-1000


Hydri-Maize CB-1000 is GRAS when used as a reducing agent in the fermentation scrubbers of dry corn milling ethanol plants, when used at typical levels for being effective as a reducing agent in the scrubber.

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Use in VOC abatement scrubbers to reduce plant emissions

Product Details

Hydri-Maize Catalyzed Bisulfites
Concentrated blend of bisulfites used for VOC abatement in CO2 scrubbers


  • Drop in replacement for current bisulfites
  • Faster kinetics resulting in rapid VOC reduction

Value Proposition

  • Yeast nutrient rich bisulfite blend that reduces carbon dioxide scrubber VOC’s
  • Decreased material handling
  • Reduction in hydrogen peroxide consumption
  • Hydri-Maize Catalyzed Bisulfite Flyer

    Hydri-Maize Catalyzed Bisulfite Flyer


  • Hydri-Maize Catalyzed Bisulfite Case Study

    Hydri-Maize Catalyzed Bisulfite Case Study

    Hydrite’s Catalyzed Bisulfites shows improvements at a faster plant rate, with warmer scrubber water, and using the same bisulfite dose.


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