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Hydrite has 90 years of experience in chemical distribution, manufacturing and providing innovative solutions to our customers.  Through dedication, collaboration and an emphasis on customer service, we have become a trusted industry leader in many different industries.

Hydrite offers a portfolio of innovative products that allows you to maximize your efficiency and productivity output. We provide onsite support, where our experienced team works alongside you to find the optimum combination of products to give you the best results with high quality solutions. We will collaborate with you to develop products for unique or complex applications that meet your strict requirements. Our expertise in the field has enabled us to develop methods which help our customers reduce operating costs while meeting environmental and safety regulations, water conservation efforts, and other industry challenges.

Water Treatment Solutions for Mining

Hydrite offers a broad range of water treatment technologies to the mining industry to help maintain optimal operations and meet water quality specifications and regulations. We provide onsite support, where our experienced team works alongside you to find the ideal combination of products and methods to give you ideal results which in turn has helped our customers significantly reduce operating cost.

Our problem-solving approach and extensive product offering including coagulants, flocculants, foam control and pH modifiers will help provide performance-oriented answers to your water treatment challenges, no matter how simple or complex the issue.

Contact us today for a complimentary jar test and site trial to determine the best products for your process and application.


  • HydriClear coagulants – Low to High charged, water soluble, organic cationic coagulants designed to perform in a variety of difficult treatment conditions. Used as a clarification aid and for sludge dewatering.
  • HydriFloc polymers – Low to High molecular weight, water soluble flocculant polymers. Designed to increase floc density, enhance clarity, improve settling characteristics and dewater sludge.
  • Acidic products designed to reduce pH in alkaline aqueous environments.
  • Alkaline products designed to increase pH in acidic aqueous environments.  
  • Foam Control technologies to help solve issues associated with foaming problems and entrained air.


“By using Hydrite’s polyamine, I was able to reduce my chemical usage by 20%-30% and have never seen my clarifier this clear. Additionally, Hydrite has brought value to Marawood Construction by assisting us in equipment optimization and having local warehousing, allowing us to keep our inventory on hand low. “
Marawood Construction - Granton, WI

“Hydrite’s personnel have done a great job making our water treatment process more cost efficient by providing us with superior chemistry at a competitive price, by automating our chemical feed system and by always looking for ways to reduce our cost to treat.”
Hi Crush Mine - Tomah, WI


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