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Hydrite offers a complete line of polymers, solvents, defoamers, antifoams and air release agents designed to assist with PCIA applications. Our defoamer solutions are formulated for solvent-borne, water reducible, water-based and 100% active systems.  Hydrite provides emulsions and resin solutions, toll manufacturing capabilities, foam control technology, solvent recycling and waste handling.  Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer responsiveness, and provide creative solutions.

Hydrite offers a variety of solutions to improve your company’s operational efficiencies. When you choose to work with Hydrite, you can be assured you will receive the technical service needed to maximize efficiency and profitability while maintaining or enhancing product quality. Foam control, water treatment, low equipment costs and unique application of chemistry are all areas of Hydrite’s expertise to help your company operate at its best.



Acrylic Resins Additives Anti-Foaming Agents
Binders / Resins Biocides Caustic Sodas
Caustics Coconut Oil Copolymers - Acrylic / Vinyl
Corrosion Inhibitors Defoamers Emulsifiers
Emulsions Environmental Services Equipment and Services
Extender Pigments Fatty Acids Flocculants
Glycols Oils/Fatty Acids Phosphates
Polymers Resins - Acrylic Solvents, Fast Evaporating, Chemical
Solvents - Glycol Ethers Solvents - Glycols Solvents - Reclaimed Solvents/Solvent Blending
Styrene Vinyl / Toluene Polymer & Copolymer Solution Surfactants Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Emulsion Polymers (VAE)
Vinyl Resins - Polyvinyl Acetate Vinyl Resins - Vinyl Acetate Polymer Emulsions Water Treatment Chemicals



  • Foam Control
  • Water Treatment
  • Equipment
  • Waste & Recycle
  • Application Leadership


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