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Hydrite Defender Series

The Hydrite Defender series improves ethanol fermentation performance, enhances overall yeast vitality, and promotes metabolic activity while reducing bacterial contamination.  Hydrite offers gram-negative/gram-positive antimicrobial solutions designed for utilization in fuel ethanol fermentations. Contact us today to learn more.


  • GRAS approved for animal feed
  • Effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Liquid added to yeast prop, fermenters, and infected unit operations



Defender L-310

Antibiotic free antimicrobial effective against gram positive & gram negative bacteria

Hydri-Maize 2759

Used as a descaling agent in Clean In Place (CIP) tanks

Defender R357

Used in CIP to help reduce and remove bacterial fouling


saccharomyces cerevisiae lactobacilli
saccharomyces cerevisiae lactobacilli 
Aid yeast propagation  Counter bacteria growth
Promote metabolic activity  Effective in fermentation and propagation 
Defender L-310 Defender L-310, Hydri-Maize 2759, and Defender R357


Non-antibiotic Antimicrobial Technology

Hydrite offers non-antibiotic antimicrobial technology for fermentation, propagation, and upstream and downstream ethanol processes.  


Non-Antibiotic Based and Front-End AntiMicrobials

Designed for use in final CIP rinse and front-end applications, primarily heat exchangers, scrubbers, fermentation fill lines, etc.  Superior to iodine in disinfection.

Hydri-Maize 2759

Injected into evaporators to remove protein & mineral scales

Defender R357

Used to help reduce and remove bacterial fouling 


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