Pop Up Starters



Starter fertilizers have been shown to increase crop growth, especially for corn, soybean, and sorghum. Sometimes, however, salts in fertilizer can increase the salinity of your soil leading to damage to young plants when they are most vulnerable. Salts absorb the water intended for crops and can stunt plant growth. Pop up starter fertilizers cause fewer problems in seed germination and produce less seedling injury.

Our Hydri-Gro line of pop up starters are formulated using quality raw materials to provide a safer alternative and have been field proven to promote higher yields while remaining safe for young seeds. Our products provide a minimal salt index, maximum soluble plant nutrients, and low salt-out temperature.

All products are easy and safe to handle for foliar, soil, and aerial application, and are compatible with our chelated micro nutrients as well as most pesticides and herbicides.

We offer three variations of the products below:

  • White (100% Ortho)
  • Clear Green (80% Ortho/20% Poly)
  • Sulfur and/or micronutrient additions available for both white and clear green

With Hydrite low salt fertilizers, you not only receive the benefit of our high-performance materials, but you will get the expert agronomic support of both Hydrite and our partner Kugler. Our consultative care provides the creative solutions needed to maximize your growing efficiency and output. Contact us or talk to your representative to find out what solutions Hydrite has for you.

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