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Foliar products, such as potassium and nitrogen fertilizers, can be a great way to quickly provide plants with the nutrients they need. Potassium foliar fertilizer is especially effective when applied as a foliar spray, as the leaves of the plant can absorb the nutrients quickly. This can be particularly useful when plants are under stress or in need of a quick boost. Foliar fertilizer sprays are a convenient and effective way to supplement the nutrient needs of plants. 

Our foliar fertilizer products are manufactured with high quality raw materials and QC/QA standards. The nutrients are easily and efficiently delivered to the plant to increase health, growth, and yields when nutrient demands are at their highest. We have the capabilities and expertise to design the right product to meet those demands.  Liquid foliar fertilizers combine the benefits of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and sulfur (S) with vital micronutrients including zinc, manganese, iron and boron delivering macro and micronutrients in an effective, readily available form to increase plant health, growth, and yields when nutrient demands are at their highest.



Key Features:

  • Easy and safe to handle liquid products
  • Nutrients are in an effective, readily available form
  • Available with non-EDTA complexed micronutrients
  • Foliar nutrients help defend against environmental stresses
  • Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides
  • Liquid starter fertilizers for corn and soybeans  
  • Excellent source of N-P-K-S 
  • Minimal salt index 
  • Maximum soluble plant nutrients 
  • Low salt-out temperature 
  • The available phosphorous is delivered in various formulations from 100% orthophosphate to blends of orthophosphate and polyphosphate.   





Product Highlights

HYDRI-GRO Analysis Rate/A Micronutrient Chelation Density (lbs./gal) SaltOut (°F)
Emerge 414 4-1-4+2 S, 1 Zn, 0.5 MN, 0.025 B 3-5 gals EDTA 11.5 -3
Emerge 915  9-15-4-3 S-0.5 Zn-0.05 Mn 3-5 gals EDTA 10.9 <5
Surge 802 8-0-2+1 Mg, 4 S, 0.55 Fe, 1 Zn, 1 Mn, 0.25 B 1-4 qts non-EDTA chelated 10.5 -2
Vigor 400 4-0-0-2 S-0.5 B-0.5 Fe-2 Mn-2 Zn 1-2 qts non-EDTA chelated 10.33 3
Vigor 802 8-0-2+4.5 S, 1 Fe, 3 Zn, 2 Mn, 0.25 B 1-4 qts non-EDTA chelated 10.8 3


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