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Closed Loop Treatment

Closed loops, both heating and cooling, are important yet often overlooked systems. The consequences of ignoring a closed loop may not be noticed immediately but when a problem rears it’s head there has often been a considerable amount of damage done. Many of these loops are process-critical, and failure or plugging of heat exchange equipment in these loops can shut a plant or process down, leading to significant downtime and repair costs. By implementing Ackumen closed loop system management as part of a carefully selected treatment program, you will have complete solution that optimizes performance 24/7/365 and recognizes and addresses potential problems before they become a threat to your operation, maintaining peak operating efficiency and driving down operating costs.



Corrosion and Deposition Inhibitors

Corrosion is often the main culprit we’re working to control in a closed loop, and in many systems we find mixed metallurgies that can accelerate corrosion if not properly treated. Thankfully, Hydrite recognizes these challenges and has developed a broad line of closed loop treatments for both heating and cooling systems that provide protection in the most challenging environments. Most blends contain a dispersant to prevent deposition in your system, especially heat exchangers, and so that suspended contaminants can be removed via filtration to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces.



Microbiological growth in a closed loop can result in accelerated corrosion and dramatic loss of heat transfer efficiency, which is why Hydrite carries biocides appropriate for closed loops and will help to carefully select and apply the proper treatment when needed to maintain low levels of microbiological activity. Hydrite will help guide you in monitoring microbiological growth and the application of biocides to ensure a small problem doesn’t grow into a larger headache. 


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