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Hydrivail 627

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Hydrivail 627 is a highly concentrated countervailant for use in controlling offensive odors in a variety of applications. It is compounded to replace masking agents by using polymeric adsorption and esterification technology. Whereas a masking agent simply attempts to overpower odors with a fragrance, Hydrivail 627 counteracts with odorous substances to destroy odors resulting in a pleasant scent.


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Hydrivail 627 is a liquid product available in 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes and in bulk quantities. It can be handled in most plastic materials of construction and should be kept from freezing. For best results, store at 50 to 80°F.


Hydrivail 627 can be applied in a variety of applications, including odor control in water or air environments. It can also be added to improve wettability of solids (soils) where the product is used in dust control applications.

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