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HydriPet™ VG 105

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HydriPet™ VG 105 is manufactured via hydrolysis and composed of the preferred 100% coconut glycerin derived from natural coconut oil. HydriPet™ VG 105 is approved for human and animal consumption and meets latest USP specification. 


A sufficient amount of HydriPet™ VG 105 can bind enough water to slow the growth of mold in pet food applications.


HydriPet™ VG 105 is used in the manufacturing of pet food as a binder of free water.

  • Humectant (water binder)
  • Preservative
  • Improves palatability
  • Texture modification 


  • HydriPet VG105 Flyer

    HydriPet VG105 Flyer

    HydriPet™ VG 105 Coconut Glycerin safe pet food ingredient. Meets USP/FCC specifications. Made in the USA.


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