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Poly-Sperse, No. 543 is a high solids liquid chelating agent for use as a scale inhibitor during lactose processing. This unique formulation inhibits scale through crystal modification, particle dispersion, and sequestration. Poly-Sperse, No. 543 reduces the amount of process aid normally required to achieve the desired effect of minimizing scale and producing uniform lactose crystals. Poly-Sperse No. 543 may be used as a mineral scale inhibitor in the evaporative processing of beet and cane sugar juice liquor, not to exceed a maximum level of 400 ppm in the sugar juice liquor.


  • Easily and accurately dispensed
  • Produces uniform lactose crystals
  • Reduces acid usage during acid cleaning cycles


  • Mineral chelation in evaporators during lactose manufacturing.
  • Scale inhibition in heat processing applications during lactose manufacturing.


  • High strength liquid
  • High performance scale inhibitor for use in lactose production
  • Approved for use in food specific applications - See Hydrite’s FDA Approval Letter for details on approved applications and usage levels.
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • This product contains ingredients which are suitable for use in food and feed processing plants.
  • Certified Kosher-Pareve.
  • Halal Status: Meets dietary requirements of Halal. Halal certified when produced at the Hydrite Waterloo facility.


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    Are you aware Hydrite has a line of chelating processing aids that can be used in food processing equipment to prevent scale build up and reduced production throughput.


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