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Enrich No. 299

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Enrich, No. 299 is a liquid, non-phosphated, self-foaming, chlorinated, alkaline cleaner for cleaning dairy and food processing plants.


  • Non-phosphated to reduce effluent phosphorous levels.
  • Excellent for use in foam cleaning systems. Highly concentrated product yields excellent cost performance.
  • A chlorinated, alkaline foamer that eliminates the need for mixing products in the plant.
  • Product is chlorinated to peptize proteins and improve rinsing.
  • Special chlorine stable wetting agent allows product to be foamed on surfaces. This allows the cleaning solution to hand on surfaces to improve cleaning and reduce cleaning time.
  • Wetting agents rapidly penetrate soil and improve rinsing.
  • Hard water tolerant.




  • Certified Kosher-Pareve.
  • Not Halal certified but meets dietary requirements of Halal.
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Food and Beverage Infographic

    Food and Beverage Infographic

    Infographic of Hydrite Food and Beverage Capabilities


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