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A.P. No.181

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A.P. No. 181 is a medium foaming, liquid, nitric-phosphoric, acid cleaner.


  • A nitric/phosphoric acid blend with surfactants for foam cleaning processing equipment.
  • Removes mineral deposits and milkstone for equipment.
  • Medium foaming to clean areas that are difficult to contact such as domes in evaporators.
  • Surfactants help penetrate scales, remove grease and oils, and rinse freely.
  • Dissolves lime and other mineral deposits when used alternately with alkaline detergents.
  • Will brighten stainless steel through routine use.


  • Phosphoric 
  • Nitric


  • Foam cleaning of processing equipment.
  • CIP cleaning of evaporators.
  • Boil-out process cookers.


  • Certified Kosher-Pareve.
  • Not Halal certified but meets dietary requirements of Halal.
  • Manufactured in the USA
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