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HydriPrint Polymers

The HydriPrint™ emulsions have a long history of quality and superb performance in the water-based ink and coating market. With a full-service state of the art laboratory, Hydrite supports graphic arts customers on ink, overprint or foam control applications. Hydrite provides solutions that make our customer’s products better. Hydrite offers a high level of technical service expertise, multiple process and chemistry technologies, and strong analytical capabilities in support of the industry and new product development. Our process and chemistry technology is backed by technical service expertise and strong analytical capabilities to support both existing product enhancements and new product development for our customers. 

Graphic arts polymers in use

Advantages: Fast dry speed |  Outstanding resolubility |  Excellent transfer and printability  |  Superior adhesion to a wide variety of flexible substrates


Graphic Arts Emulsions & Colloidals

Hard Non-Film Forming Emulsions

HydriPrint 399 

Hard polymer with high gloss and good holdout for paper and paperboard inks.

HydriPrint 395 

High gloss and holdout for overprint formulations.

HydriPrint 361

Excellent opacity and hiding power in corrugated inks.

Hard Film Forming Emulsions

HydriPrint 602

Gloss inks and overprints, excellent transfer and rewet.

HydriPrint 608

Crosslinkable with Zn for heat resistance, foil inks.


HydriPrint 141 

Fast dry and excellent rewet for low basis weight paper.

HydriPrint 150 

Viscosity stable over a wide pH range.

HydriPrint 400

Highly dilutable economic extender for corrugated inks.

HydriPrint 351

Lamination ink vehicle with adhesion and high bond strengths.

Special Application Emulsions

HydriPrint 4015

High gloss, hard polymer with excellent resolubility and transfer.

HydriPrint 4035

Excellent clarity, stability, resolubility for narrow web inks.

HydriPrint 4045

Soft film former with excellent adhesion and resolubility. 

Film-Forming Emulsions

HydriPrint 335 

Hard but flexible, good grease and water resistance for overprints.

HydriPrint 603

Good adhesion, gloss and water resistance.

HydriPrint 243 LV 

Fast dry with good grease resistance for inks and primers.

HydriPrint 605 NV

Maximum adhesion, water resistance, low VOC.

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